Monday, December 8, 2014

Well this week was super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super crazy! I have never had anything like it in my whole mission! 
I'll just sum it all up is a few words.....

Church only lasted 15 minutes yesterday before we had to leave... but that is all I can say until I get home!!!! Super crazy! 

This week has been a great week though, and full of spiritual experiences as well as edification. I got a new compaion who is here to work, so that is super nice. Friday we had a mission conference with all the other zone leaders in the mission.  We talked about some crazy changes that are coming to the mission.  When Elder Nelson came here they had a meeting and made a whole bunch of changes which are super cool.  They are changes that I have been wanting to happen since I was in Porvenir!  I couldn't even believe it when our president started talking about it!  It is so, so cool! I had such a strong spiritual confirmation!  My compaion and I are working super hard!  I have already seen a difference in the work since he has been here! Which makes me so happy to see the things progressing again! Our investigators are progressing really well and getting so much closer to the Lord! My convert here is absolutly incredible! He is one of the greatest people I know!  He just makes me so proud!  He is doing everything he can to progess in the gospel!  He calls us every once in a while just to see how we are doing and to tell me how far he is in the Book of Mormon! He is such a cool kid! Anyways, everything is running well! I love you all family and friends! Thank you for the prayers and support! love you all! 

-Elder Beals- :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

La semana ha sido muy muy buena! tuvimos éxito en cuanto a encontrando personas, de hecho ayer enseñamos 3 nuevas personas y desafiamos 2. Por fin estamos encontrando mucho mas y estamos empezando a enseñar mas personas. Yo he sentido el espíritu muy fuerte esta ultima semana y tengo una meta personal de reconocer el espíritu mejor y actuar cuando lo escuche y también de enfocarme mas en revelación personal. así que siento que he mejorado en eso. voy a seguir con la meta por la próxima semana igualmente. tenemos muy buenos investigadores, pero cada una de las personas tienen desafíos muy grandes que vienen de satanás estoy seguro! y entonces nos hace difícil para ayudarles. pero están progresando! están leyendo las escrituras y están orando y esto esta anudándoles mucho! tenemos buenos planes para el siguiente cambio y vamos a trabajar duro para que tengamos éxito y que podemos lograr la visión de un bautismo cada mes por compañerismo! todo va muy bien y amo el señor, amo la obra!

This last week has been really, really good! We had a lot of success in finding new people which was great becuase we have been trying to find new people this whole last transfer! Yesterday we taught three new people and invited two to be baptized! They didn't accept becuase they are not yet prepared enough.  But we taught the doctrine so clear that they can't deny anything! Hahaha. This last week I have really felt the power of the spirit and the influence of it. It has been my personal goal this throughout the week to recognize the spirit better and the act when I hear it! I have also been focusing on personal revelation, which is helping out as well! And i definitely feel like I am getting better at listening to the spirit! The investigators that we are teaching are wonderful, wonderful people. They have really been prepared by the Lord.  But they all have very specific and unique problems that have all come from Satan that really makes things complicated!  Which just helps me know that we are doing the real work of God! I dont have a whole lot of time to write but I love the Lord!  I love His work!  There is nothing more gratifying then the work and more satisfying, than being in the service of God! 

Love you all! thank you so much for everything! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

This last week has been a really really good week! My companion and I have been struggling to find new people. But this last week we found somebody!!!!! We found a guy that is adventist.  He has been so so prepared by the Lord to hear the gospel. I was on an exchange with another elder and we decided to go to a street just to knock doors ? So we go over to the street and we contacted a guy that was walking in the street who was really receptive and he told us that we can pass by and that his house was just down the street... so we went down the street to write down the address of the contact we had just made, and we decided to knock on the door of the house next to it... so we did that, and some guy answered and said... "What do you guys want?"  We said  'We are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ.  and he said "Oh the Mormons... come on in.  I want to know what you guys have got to say."  So we went in and shared a brief message about the apostasy and the restored church and everything, and he was really, really interested.  Then he told us... "I was just about to go to bed and go out and lock up my gate and my door and everything when I just had the thought that someone was going to come and knock on my door. So I decided to wait just a little bit and that's when you guys knocked on my door!"  How sweet is that! But it doesn't end there!!!  Yesterday we had another appointment with him. After we shared a message with him. he explained to us how he has been going through depression, becuase he is 52, never has been married, never has had kids, lives alone and just has a boring life.  He said that a neice of his asked him if he was part of any religion.  He said "Yeah, but I'm done with religion and don't really want anything more to do with it." and she said,  "Well, you should to look up about the Mormons.  Because if you do you will find some amazing things that will change your life." He had agreed and everything, but he thought, "I'm never going to look them up..." He explained to us that he thought "If it really is from God and if it really is as great as she says, they will come to me, but I'm not going to go and look for them!" Hahaha, and so we came!!!! So he has been reading the Book of Mormon.   He LOVES everything that we share with him! He is now preparing for baptism in December!!! So this week has been a really good one!  Today we have an appointment with the guy we contacted in the street who lives next door! So hopefully we will get another investigator there as well! Man the work is just great!!!! And everything is starting to go really, really, well here!!!! Anyways, I don't have much time for more stories but I love the work! I love the Lord! I love the gospel! and I love all you family and friends! see you all soooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

This last week was just another great week! We had the opportunity to be able to meet with Elder Viñas and Elder nelson and it was super, super wonderful! They are such inspired men! And their wives are just as inspired! I learned so, so, so much from them! From the mission work, to choosing my wife! Hahaha.  They talked about a lot of good stuff, that really got everyone excited! Also this week we had a conference with our mission president, so that just made it all the better!  So it was a really wonderful week! I've really grown a lot closer to Christ this last week.  And so, as expected, Satan has thrown a mix into everything! Everything leading up to the coming of Elder Nelson was absolutely crazy! The mission, our zone and our sector was just crazy! But now we are just going to keep pushing forward!" Anyways, I don't have a whole lot of time to write, like always.  But I love you all! I am so greatful for this wonderful gospel and the wonderful blessings I have recieved to be a member of Christ's church! Everyday I think of how big of a blessing the mission is for me! The Lord is so loving! And so smart! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Alright y'all I got my new slogan CTTE (commited to the end) I'm gonna make sure that I give it my everything these last five months of my mission.  So that I can stand before the Lord one day and tell him that I gave my all to the work of salvation! 

We have an investigator that we are working with that is super, super awesome! She is so, so, so, so ready to be baptized.  But the problem is that she is living with somebody and has been for like the past four years. They had a baby together and she has been wanting to marry him for a while. The problem is that he is already married to someone else. So, legally, they wouldn't be able to get married, making her unqualified for baptism! And to make it worse, this man is a drunk so he doesn't want anything to do with us.  And, he's not even willing to get a divorement from his old wife...but she is BY FAR!!!! thee best investigator I have EVER SEEN or HEARD ABOUT in the mission! It breaks my heart! 

Anyways these last couple of weeks have been kind of hard! We are trying to find new investigators. But things aren't coming together as well as we thought they would... So that is kind of hard.  But like I said I am going to give it my all everyday so that things do work out!
This Wednesday, we are going to be going down to Osorno to have a conference with Elder Nelson of the Quorum of the twelve apostles and Elder Viñas of the 70, again! I am super excited and I hope we get some new ways to do the work and to be better missionaries!  So I am super excited for that opportunity!!!!!
The mission is just absolutely wonderful and amazing!  Everyday my understanding of the gospel and of my Savior Jesus Christ just grows so much!  Yesterday, I think I got my first glace of a real understanding of the sacrament as I was passing it.  I just got overwhelmed to realize what the sacrament really means!  Such a confirming experience!  I loved every moment!  I love the work!  I love all of you!  And, I love my Savior Jesus Christ!  Thank you so much for all that you guys do for me!  For you prayers and everything!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Alright I don't have a whole lot of time like always so I've got to be quick. This last week was super super slow.... I have had a cold for about three weeks now and it isn't getting any better at all.  So the nurse sent me to the clinic and I've been in the house for the last couple days because the doctor said I'm not getting any better because I work to hard and don't rest enough.  Hahahah fair enough. But now I've got a really bad cough like my companion had It doesn't really look like I'm getting any better.
This last Sunday our convert blessed the sacrament and I blessed it with him.  It was a super, and wonderful experience. I was super nervous for him become he gets a little nervous.  Which made me  kind of nervous. But he did a great job! He didn't mess up or anything.  So it was just wonderful!  It was just a wonderful experience for him and also the branch that we are in.  
This morning my companion and I have been running all over the north part of the mission looking for a missionary that ran away last night in our zone.  So right now I am absolutely tired to death. 
Anyways, besides that, everything here is going well!  The work is progressing. Thank you so much family and friends for all your love and support! I love you all! Thank you so so so very much! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Monday October 27, 2014

Well y'all my comp got transferred. Super sad. We were working super hard together.  But it's all good! I got a new companion from Washington.  This is his last cambio in the mission.  So you can all imagine how that might end. Nah, He's a good companion and I am excited to learn from him, and to get some new ideas! Every thing here is going wonderful! Our convert who got baptized last week just recieved the priesthood this last Sunday. It was an experience that was very, very special for me to see! I feel like he is one of my younger brothers here in the mission!  Today he is going to come out with us to work!  That is what is so great about the work of the Lord.  That a person can go from the point of the missionaries passing by to teach them the gospel one week, and then the next week that same person going out at teaching others the gospel, and helping them come unto our savior Jesus Christ! It just makes me love the work so much more!  Anyways, the time here has just been flying super fast. I can't even believe that Chris is now finishing up his mission!  I feel like just yesterday was his farewell! I remember how little time it was from when he went out, to when I went out.  But the time in the mission travels a whole lot faster.  I'm a little nervous. Hahaha.  Everything here in the mission is going really good! I have really been enjoying just about every moment!  Oh, and I've got some good news... on the 12th of November, Elder Viñas is going to come back to our mission!!!!!!   I'm super excited because he is coming with Elder Nelson!!!!  So that is super cool!  Anyways, everything is going great here! I love the people. I love the work. I love everything here! It's just wondeful! ....... 

Love you all, Thank you so much for all that you guys do and your prayers and you support! 

Monday October 20, 2014

Well this last week was Great! my companion and have have been sick all week but its only becuase satan was trying to stop the work from progressing. But he failed! So this last Saturday we had a baptism! He is a young man  that we have been teaching since I got here. It was absoutly wonderful.  The baptism was very, very powerful!  The spirit was super strong during the service. The family of the boy we baptized all attended his baptism, which was a miracle itself!  But they are all evangilists so it was wonderful to see them there and hopefully we can start to teach them the gospel, as well!  In total, we had 11 people attend the baptism that weren't members! That's another miracle! So the baptism was great! 

However, satan fought hard with us that day! Let me explain. First off, we got a phone call the night before from elders from a different sector asking us to come and do interviews for a convert.  But we had already had plans to go to a different sector, in the opposite direction, to do inspections on a house, that had to be done that day. And, in the afternoon we had an activity planned with a bunch of youth that we found that weren't members. So we had no possible way to do all the things we had to do, with the time we had for the day.  So we ended up having to do splits with other missionaries, to get everything we had to do accomplished.  Then when we went to lunch, there was an atheist waiting for us, who wanted to talk with us.  That stole a ton of time and so we got to the activity late.  Then, just our luck, when we went to start the water to fill up the baptismal font, the water heater was broken.  So I was tried to fix it for like 2 hours.  But, I couldn't do it.  So we had to fill the thing up with FREEZING COLD water!  Then nobody showed up on time.  So it started and hour late.  But in the end..... it was a wonderful baptism! And when I left the water, I'm not even joking.... I didnt feel any of the coldness. I felt so, so, so warm! It was amazing!  But it was a good fight for that baptism! 

Anyways, everything is going good here! Today we are going to find out cambios! I looks like my companion is probably going to get transferred!  I hope not!  Because we work so hard together.  But, whatever the Lord wants! 

Love you all thank you so much for your prayers!" 

-Elder Beals-

Monday October 13, 2014

This last week was great!!!! Saturday we have an baptismal interview for one of our investigators, so this Saturday we are going to have a baptism!!! My companion and I are super excited! He is a great kid and he is 18 years old! So a future missionary for sure! My companion and I created a sick program here in the mission and we are putting it to practice in our zone to see how it works.  Then we are going to send it to higher authority! All I can say though, is that I have to doubt it was inspired 100% by the Lord! Our sector is doing absolutely great! We have amazing investigators that are progressing so well! I've never seen so much success in my mission! I wouldn't really mind if I had to end the mission here! Last Friday we found a FAMILY!!!! And Saturday we had an appointment with them, which went really, really well! We found out that the grandma who lives in a different part of the mission is an active member of the church. Then we found out that the DAD is a member, but inactive obviously.  They are super receptive and the spirit was so strong!  I have never really had a family with kids and parents to teach in the mission and niether has my companion.  So we are so, so, so excited to teach them! Anyways, everything here is going absolutly wonderful! I love the work and the time I have to serve the lord everyday! I am learning so, so much!  The scriptures have never been so real to me in my life!  Everything is just wonderful!  I love the work! 

Thank you so much everybody for everything! I love you all! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday October 6, 2014

I don't have like anytime at all this week, because I have had a ton of work to do! But I just want to let you all know that I am doing fantastic! Our zone and sector are progressing wonderfully! I absolutely loved conference! Wow, so inspirational! And it was super sick to see them speak in spanish directly from the pulpit! I absolutely loved it! Anyways, our investigators are progressing really well and we have been having lots of success. This next saturday we are going to be having another baptismal interview for our investigator that we have. And then next saturday he will get baptized!!! I'm super excited!!!! My companion and I are working super super hard!  We work super good together! Anyways, like I said I have very little time! but everything is going super great! Success and fortune are shining all the way!!!! Love you all! Thank you so much for everything! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monday September 29, 2014

Well it's been a good week here in my sector. This last week was really cool becuase I got to hang out with my new buddy PRESIDENTE OBESO.  Hahaha, my new president. Nah, not really but this last week we had interviews in our chapel so we invited  the President to come with us to an appointment.  Then he invited my companion and I to lunch!  So we went to lunch and then we went to the appointment and it was a great experience! I learned some good stuff from him during the short time we got to be with him!  He is a great president!  Hahaha.  Also his wife is super, super funny!  The morning of the interviews she showed up in workout clothes and made all the elders take off their shoes.  She made us all do Zumba or something.  It was super funny, and it blew my mind.  She is over 70 years old, but she was more fit than any other elder in our zone.  The next morning I woke up so sore.  Hahaha, but I love them!  They are absolutely amazing people and so inspirational!  Our convert is doing great!  He is such a stud!  He is super smart and he shares the gospel with everyone!  He is super excited to get the priesthood when he is twelve!  Hahaha, I love him so much! I can't even believe how much success Jacob is having in his mission already!  He is going to have 3 baptisms next week?  I've only had a total of 5 in my whole mish!  That is super crazy!  But I congratulate you buddy! nice work! Keep it up! 

Anyways, thats all for the week! Thanks for everything family! I love you all a ton! 

Monday September 22, 2014

Well Well, this last week was a little more slower than normal becuase this last week was the national indepedence day week so it was different. We had a ton of activities in our branch and it was fun to play some games and stuff but not as fun as the work of the Lord.  It was a great oportunity to help estabilsh a good relationship between our investigators and the members. So that was good. Saturday, we had the baptism of a boy that we have been teaching. When I first got to this sector we had found a less active woman while knocking doors and we started teaching her.  The truth is that she had been wanting to come back for years but just couldn't do it. We her reactivated her and she is a machine when it comes to the things of God. But she had a son who had not yet been baptized.  So we taught him all the lessons and he got baptized this last Saturday! The baptism was so, so, so powerful!  It was a wonderful experience to be in the baptism and feel the spirit!  The boy we baptized is only 9, but super, super smart and intelligent.  After the baptism he said to my companion and I and his mom that he feels so alleviated.  Then, after when we entered into the chapel and we were sitting there he just started to cry for about 20 minutes.  He said he felt the spirit so strong and he just sat there crying.  But, he was so happy.  Then yesterday, when he received the Holy Ghost he just cried as he sat in the chair.  So, so, so powerful and touching.  He was a GREAT example to the other members.  And only 9 years old. He told us that he now wants to go on a mission. Another exciting thing is that we've got more investigators ready for baptism and we are just teaching them everything that they need and then they will be ready to enter into the waters of baptism! I just feel so happy. 

Also this last week Elder Viñas came to our mission and we had the oportunity to meet with him and also all the leaders had a special conference with him so that was cool as well. I learned so, so, so much from him and the man is crazy smart!  He knows the scriptures cover to cover, word for word, by memory.  The whole time he talked to us, he was walking around the room.  He only taught from the scriptures, but not once did he ever look at a paper or open his scriptures!!!!  Super crazy!  It makes me want to be like him.  My personal study now is INTENSE! Hahaha but I love it. Also yesterday we recieved news that Elder Neilson is going to come here in november! so that is going to be just awesome! 

But anyways, everything is just wonderful and great here! I'm lovin every second! Tired, but whateves. its all worth it! 


Mission Conference with Elder Vinas

Friday, September 19, 2014

Monday September 15, 2014

Well Family and Friends, this last week was a great week! My companion and I had to go to Osorno for a leadership conference with our Presidente and it was absolutely great!!!!!!!!................ until lunch. at first I was super excited becuase the presidents wife made us tacos.  But as I started to eat them I felt super sick........ Then we started walking to the bus station to return home and I just felt terrible.  We ended up going to the house of the missionaries that work in Osorno and I went DIRECTLY to the bathroom and then spent the next 8 hours throwing up.... I dont really know how much I like mexican food now......

However, I recovered fast and Saturday we were up and runnin our tails off like always.  Tuesday we had an interview for one of our canadites and he is going to get baptized next week!!!!!!  That is super cool!  My companion is going to be baptizing him!!!! We are super excited! This next week will be 18 of september which means the independence day of Chile!  Usually it is super crazy!  We will see what happens! 

Anyways, I'm short on time like always, but I love you all!  Thank you all so much for you support, love and prayers! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Well,,,,,,,, I have come to the end of another transfer here in the mission. This last one has passed by so, so, so, so freaking fast it is absolutly unreal!!!!! Now I only have 5 transfers left!!!!! Wow I can't even believe it! I never thought a day like this would even come in my mission or in my life. 

My companion and I will be staying together here for another transfer! I am so, so, so glad! Because we work so good together and we have so many plans for this next transfer! 

This last week has been a very successful week. We have some absolutely amazing investigators. They have been so, so, so prepared by the Lord. This coming Saturday we will have a baptismal interview for a boy that we have been teaching then the Saturday after that he will be getting baptized. On that same Saturday we will have a baptismal interview for another woman who will get baptized the Saturday after that! We are just having so much success! I have never seen the work move like this in Chile before, in any part! I am so, so excited! 

This last Saturday was daylight savings so we had to move time an hour forward. That has just brought me to my absolute physical limits. Yesterday, I fell asleep so fast! My goal to memorize 2 scriptures in Spanish everyday has gotten very hard. I can memorize the scriptures and have them word for word but then when we are in a lesson I can't remember where they are at in the scriptures.......  Hahahah. but I'm going to find out a way to better myself! 

Anyways, everything here in the mission is going really, really well! Lots of success. Lots of tiredness.  But in the end every moment is worth it! 


Cutting the cake with the president

Zone Picture

Mi Companero

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Monday September 1, 2014

Well, well, well. 

This week has been absolutly fantastic! But at the same time so, so, so, so tiering!  I never thought that I would get to a point in my life that I would be so tired mentally and physically, but so energized spiritually!  This last week has been good.  But my companion and I have had to be all over the zone this last week.  So we have been in the sector very, very little and we didn't get much done there.  But our investigators are progressing very well! Friday we had our first lesson with the woman that I talked about last week. We passed by and started to teach her the restoration and when we finished we invited her to be baptized and also to pray to know if the church was true.  She told us that last Sunday before she came to church she already prayed to know if it was true and what she should be doing and everything and she said that she has already recieved an answer that it is the true church!!!! She did that before we even started teaching her!!!!!!! So that makes things absolutly awesome! She came to church this last Sunday and well and absolutly loved it! She is going to be such a great member and she is going to be baptized the 27th of September! I'm super exicted! 

We are also preparing a "chico" (that is a son) to a member that we reciently activated and he is going to be baptized this month as well! So we are seeing such good results here in the sector! This next week we are going to know transfers and I hope so much that my companion doesn't get transferred because we are working so, so hard and we have seen so many good things come to pass! 

I have made a goal to memorize two sciptures in spanish everyday and also bare my testimony at every opportunity that I have to do so.  I just started this morning! Juan 7:17 El que quiera hacer la voluntad de El, conocerá si la doctrina es de dios, o si yo hablo por mi mismo. and moroni 7:13 Mas he aquí, lo que es de dios invita e induce a hacer lo bueno continuamente, de manera que todo aquello que invita e induce a hacer lo bueno, y amar a dios y servirle es inspirado por dios. 

I want a photografic memory. 

Anyways, everything here is going really, really good! I am learning so, so, so very much!  I am so exited to learn and work everyday so I can get better and better! I know that this is the church of our savior jesus christ. I know that the scritpures were written by inspired men of God and that any person that reads them with the desire to become as God, will achive it! I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of our Savior Jesus Christ in this day. I love you all! Thank you so much for your prayers and support! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

sorry yáll have to translate! 

La semana ha sido Buenísimo! Mi compañero y yo aprendimos muchas buena cosas esta semana pasada. Tuvimos conferencia de Rama aquí entonces tuvimos muchas actividades de activación y hermanamiento y vimos muy buenos resultados. Sábado tuvimos una feria de la historia familia y puerta abiertas para el publico y vimos un milagro increíble! Algunas jóvenes de una Rama en nuestro distrito estaban en la feria y les invitamos a ayudar mi compañero y yo a encontrar y invitar personas a la capilla para la feria y todo. con mucho animo ellos participaron, les pasamos tarjetas y fuimos a la plaza para contactar personas y 3 de los jóvenes contactaron una mujer y su hija y le invitaron a la capilla. ella estaba muy interesada y fue. después la feria mi compañero  y yo contactos a ella y hablamos  un poquito para conocerle y le invitamos a asistir a la capilla con nosotros el siguiente día. ella acepto y también vino!!! y disfruto cada segundo! luego estamos hablando con un miembro y no dijo que ella fue invitado a un noche de hogar por hoy y la actividad de la sociedad de socorro que va pasar miércoles y ella esta muy animada para ir! miércoles en la mañana vamos a tener nuestro primera cita con ella y vamos a invitar ella a seguir nuestro salvador Jesucristo y bautizarse en su iglesia! estamos felices y muy animados! También, por causa de las actividades que hemos tenido la semana pasado encontramos una familia muy interesada en el evangelio. tenemos planes para invitar ellos a bautizarse esta semana también! La rama esta ayudándonos mucho! y los resultados son espectaculares! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 18, 2014

This last week has been a very great week! The work here is changing a ton since our new mission president has got here. It has been so, so very exciting to be a part of the great change! Our president has changed the standard of excellence here in the mission.  One of the things that he changed was that he increased the number of lessons that we shared with investigators having a member present, from 10 lessons a week to 40 member- present lessons a week.  It has been super cool to see our zone progressing so much, as they catch the vision of the mission president and start to achieve things they never thought were possible in the mish. 

Our investigators are progressing really, really well. This last week my companion and I weren't together much. We had to do some 24 hour inter-transfers with the missionaries. The day that we were together we found a kid that is super cool. We taught him the restoration and everything. When we invited him to pray to know if it was true he said that he already knows that it is true because he said he could feel that it was true as we were teaching him! So that was super cool! Also Tuesday I was with a new misionary in my sector and we found somebody who invited us to his house.  We started talking to him and everything.  He told us that he had already met with the missionaries a while back. But one of them offended his mom and she wouldn't let him meet with them any more.  But that he had already prayed to know if the church is true.  He said that he had a dream that someone visited him and told him that it was all true.  So he wants to be baptized!!  That was super sick as well. I feel like I have never been guided so much by the spirit in the mission. The Lord has helped my companion and me so much to just find the right people! Hahaha it's actually funny cause my view of the people has changed.  I just noticed. the other day a person we contacted was super receptive and everything.  Then he told us that we could meet with him and everything but that he was never going to change his religion. Usually I would be like "Okay, it's all good." But then all the sudden I caught myself laughing and then saying  "Just wait till you feel the spirit!!" Hahaha wow, the mission is just wonderful!  I love the work so so very much!  I have grown a ton! And I love every second!!! Thank you so much family and friends for everything! I love you tons!!!!!  

Friday, August 22, 2014

August 11, 2014

Esta ultima semana ha sido buenísimo! mi compañero y yo hemos visto muchos muchos milagros en la zona en contactos y en todo! estoy disfrutando la misión tanto durante este tiempo! ha sido muy bueno! nunca he sido tan feliz en mi vida! viernes contactamos a una mujer que nos invitó a pasar su casa el siguiente día para compartir con ella, entonces pasamos y compartimos la primera lección con tanto poder y convicción. El espíritu estaba quemando super fuerte en el cuarto! cuando terminamos la lección les invitamos a bautizarse y los 3 aceptaron si dudas, nada, y con mucho animo! Era tan buena la experiencia! 

I wrote a little something there for you Jacob! 

This last week has been aboslutly wonderful! My companion and I are working so hard! So Hard! I have never been so dang tired in my life!  But I have never enjoyed the mission so much!  Friday we contacted a lady in the street who invited us to pass by the next day.  So we passed by, and her husband and daughter were there. We taught the restoration. The spirit was super, super strong in the room. The lesson was so good and the spirit taught them really well. We invited the three of them to be baptized. When we finished they accepted without doubts or questions or anything! It was super cool! I felt so good when we left the house. I was so happy because I've only taught two families in my mission. They are super cool! Anyways, everything is going so good here. Wednesday we had another conference with president and we bought pizza to eat with him.  It was super inpirational. My companion and I still have tons and tons of work to do and I have been so, so, so tired its not even funny! I fall asleep standing up and walking in the street!!!!  Seriously!  And everynight when we kneel down to pray..... I'm out cold! Hahaha. But it makes me feel more satisfied with the work and with myself. Because I know I'm giving every ounce of energy I have got to the work. The Lord has blessed me so, so, so much! 

Anyways, thank you so much family and friends for all that you do and for all your love and support!!!! I love you all so, so, so much! 

August 4, 2014

Okay, so this week has been so, so, so, so, so crazy. I can't even believe it!  There is so much work to do I had no clue!  Alright, Im going to give you a brief overview of what happened since the day I started as a zone leader. 

Wednesday - Cambios.  I traveled to Valdivia for two and a half hours to do cambios for about three different zones. It lasted the whole day.  When we were just about finished with everything in the bus terminal. My companion realized that his backpack had been stolen with a bunch of legal info, a camera, pin drive and zone info. We got home super late after going to the police, (they didnt do anything) and watching the bus cameras in the security department to see who stole it. (they didnt do anything) Then we traveled to my sector in Lanco  for another hour and a half. 

Thursday, we had a pretty normal day preaching in our sector and everything. But then we had to travel to Osorno because we had to be there for leadership training with the president on Friday. So we left at about seven, and got there super late. I didn't get much sleep because, I had to sleep in my sleeping bag, on a cement floor with only a thin carpet over the top. Actually better said.... I didn't sleep at all. 

Friday - All day leadership conference. It was very inspirational indeed. Actually one of the most inspirational things I have ever done or seen in my life. I have now built up whatever faith in the world from the meeting. But, non the less, it lasted all day and consumed so much energy. Then, that same night we traveled back to our sector.  We were so lucky to have made it back to our sector because there were no buses. But, somehow we found one. Still don't know how.... Needless to say, I slept very hard that night. 

Saturday - Normal day. But in the morning we had another conference with our district leaders. 

Sunday - Normal Sunday. But in just about every lesson I had to do everything in the world to keep my eyes open.

Monday - today. We traveled to Valdivia again, for about one and a half hours, to do my second visa, but everything was shut down, because the power went out..... So I have to return tomorrow. 

Tomorrow - I will be going to Valdivia.... again. Then to a district meeting in a place called Los Lagos. Which is  another hour from Valdivia, then return to my sector....... 3 hours. 

Wednesday - Meeting/conference with our president in Villarrica... my previous sector which is three hours north. 

SUPER LOCO... I have never in my life been so tired.  Yet I have so much energy and desire to do the work. I absolutely have grown so much and now have such a strong love for the work.  It is unbelievable. my companion is the most humble  missionary in the mission and we work so hard. I love the mision so, so, so much right now!!! 

Anyways, sorry I don't have  a ton of time to write but I love you all.  Thank you for everything!  

July 28, 2014

Wow, this last week has been really slow, cold and hard.  But it has been a great week. We taught a lot of people that are less active.  They are doing really well. We committed a less active family to start praying as a family every night and for their meals. Wow, you wouldn't even believe the difference that it has made in their home. The whole time  I have been in this sector we have been working with this family and have been trying to help them start living the gospel again. It has been super difficult. But his last week we passed by and the moment we entered their house I could feel a different spirit. It was calm and peacefull in the house and super easy to teach them. Actually, while we were teaching them, about half way through the lesson they told us that for the last week they have started praying together as a family and at that moment I knew why I felt so different in their house. Because the spirit was there! I learned so much about the spirit that night. Just from that little experience! Hahaha, that same family totally loves me and I absolutely love them. They have 2 twins that are 14 or 15 years old. They act and remind me exactly of Bryson. They are absolutly hilarious and such punks too.  It is so funny! But I love it! Hahaha they are also building a house.  The other day they were explaining to us their frustration. Because they needed to find and architect and someone to draw up the plans for their house and what they wanted. I told them that I knew a couple things that I studied it a little bit and everything. And they were like "really?"  Then the next day they called us and asked me if I could come over if I didn't mind drawing up the plans for their house.  So I went over there and did it.  And I'm telling you their house it sick! I made it super super cool.  I explained to them that they don't want hallways and stuff like that. It's probably going to blow all the Chilean's minds becuase there isn't a single house in chile that looks like it! The family loves it and now they want me to come back to Chile to build it for them cause they are going to build it themselves. Hahaha I wish! 

I've got a little bit of news..... I'm getting Transfered!!!! Already, I know!  But President called me Saturday to be a Zone Leader!!!  I am super excited to do it! I will be going to a place called Lanco. I already know my companion, he is super cool! He is from COLUMBIA!! So I am super excited for that! 

Anyways, everything here is Chile is going good! Man I love this work so, so, so much! It's crazy! Tell everyone back at home I said hi and love them all! 


Monday, July 14, 2014

This last week has been really hard, but really good. My companion and I have seen many miracles this last week. I just want to share one of them. Friday, my companion and I were working and we had a day super full of appointements and plans. The impression came to visit a less active family in our ward. The problem was that the impression came at the same time that we had an appointment planned that was on the other side of our sector and very far away. Also it would have been unusual for their family to be at home at this time because they were typically home in the morning and according to their work schedule that means that they wouldn't be there in the night. But we decided to follow our impression and go to their house anyways. 
 When we first got there the dad came out and started talking to us (he is a police officer here in chile) and recently there have been many robberies and assalts here in my sector. So as we were talking to him two kids ran up to the house next to us carrying a plasma screen TV.  One of them hopped over the fence and the other passed the TV to him over the fence and then they both took off. So, because he was outside he saw it all and would be able to identify who has been doing the crimes, where they live and everything. That was the first miracle.  Then, we entered into the house and as we sat there talking with the family the mom told us that she had been thinking about us right before we came over becuase the new baby of her daughter has some health problems and needed a blessing. So we had the opportunity to give a priesthood blessing. 
I absolutely love the work when we make others happy and we can see the blessings of the gospel in their lives! It just builds my testimony of the truthfulness of this amazing gospel and the importance of bringing it to everyone that we can! 

Love you all! thank you all so much for your prayers and support! love you all! 

Villarrica Volcano

 Brandon with new companion in Villarrica

Chilean BBQ on Game Day

"Game Day" with companion Chile vs. Brazil

Monday July 7, 2014

Alright, well this last week was a good week. It went by really, really fast! I can't even believe that I am 20 years old! Time has gone by so fast! I remember when I turned 19 in the mission and I thought that my 20th birthday would never come! Hahah, and now its gone! My companion was sick on my birthday and so we were in the house all day! But whatever! 

My companion and I are working super super hard and everything is passing super fast. We have been struggling a little bit in finding new investigators but that is definitely something that we are going to be focusing on this next week! Maybe you guys did some things that worked in your missions for finding people that worked good? I would love to hear about them!" Thank you so, so, so much for the birthday wishes! I am really so grateful for all the support that I have here in the mission! 

We have an investigator that we are teaching right now. And man satan is working hard against us! She has a husband and a daughter that are both members.  they are less active but super receptive and 100 percent willing to go to church but lack motivation! We have been working a lot with the mom and we have been reading the book of mormon a lot with her. She now believes that it is true and everything, but we are just struggling to help her see that knowing that the book of mormon is true means EVERYTHING is true! So that has been a little difficult! The other day she made me a cake for my birthday.  

Not much happened this last week. Like I said we are struggling a little bit with having investigators so we have to get to work finding new people to teach but we have been following preach my gospel exactly and we have been seeing grand miracles! So I know the Lord will bless us and that we will start to see some things! 

Anyways, love you all! thank you so, so, s,o so much for everything! Love you tons!  

Monday, June 30, 2014

Alright, well this last week was absolutly a different week. It went by super slow, but yet so freaking fast it is super crazy! This last week my companion and I have been doing the things in the mission that nobody here does. But really, it's what every missionary should be doing.  My companion is so receptive to living the mission how we are supposed to, and we have been stiving to be missionaries EXACTLY how preach my gospel teaches. So as of recently we have been working so, so, so good together and we have had so, so, so, so, so, so, so much success and everyday has been ABSOLUTLY FULL of MIRACLES it is unreal! I wouldn't even know where to start! My perspective of the mission and of life has changed almost 180 degrees this last week. My understanding of the gospel has changed and the way I view the people is super crazy as well.  It's all changing! This last week we had a baptism, so that was cool! But i didn't have any part in his conversion..... Hahah. This Wednesday, (also my birthday if you forgot. cause I forgot until this morning) we are going to meet our new president and his wife! President Obeso! El es mejicano! so we will see what happens! I am both super nervous but also excited! 

Anyways, I dont have anytime left so I have to go now! but I love you so much! Thank you for all that you do for me! Tell everyone I said hi! 

Wednesday June 25, 2014

Well this week has been a bit of a crazy week! I have been so so so busy that I have to write my emails today becuase the week was just so dang crazy! I am now in a city called villarrica and it is absolutly beautiful here! More beautiful than any other part of my mission that I have been in. It is also the most northern part of the mission. But it is FREEZING cold here! I am in a branch of about 50 people. So that is a lot nicer! But man my district is full of new challanges that I have never seen before. I have a district full of sisters that are a little bit on the rebelious side. and I have to change them all! But today I had a meeting with them and I can already see that changes that are starting to take place in their hearts! So I am super excited for the challenges and the results that we are going to see at the end of the cambio! My new companion is super sick as well! He is new in the mission and he is Chilean! I really get along with Chileans.  So it's pretty sick!  He is also my first native companion! Today, we have a baptism, so that is pretty sick. And It looks like we are going to be having a ton of success this next cambio! My sector is so so beautiful that I will be having to send lots of photos! There is a volcano here that supposedly errupts every 10 years but hasn't for the last 25 so it could be going off here any second. The mission has been talking alot about emergency preparedness lately so...... who knows? 

Also these last couple of days we got permission to watch the world cup with investigators and less actives for the games that Chile plays and it has been so, so, so much fun! I didn't think I would ever be so much into soccer but it gets intense sometimes. 

My spanish is getting super super good. My last companion thought the whole time we were together that I was Chilean! Hahah, so that's good! 

Yesterday we said goodbye to our mission president back in Valdivia.  And man I can't lie, I broke some tears. he was a good man! We also got to give sister Rappleye a hug. I felt like I was hugging my mom! It made me a little home sick! But anyways! Everything is going good here in the mission! I am learning so much and changing so, so, so very much.  But I feel like I am becoming more and more like christ everyday! 

Love you mom and dad! thank you for everything! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wow, this last week has been absolutely awesome! The sector is progressing so, so, so much and really it's just on such a good note right now. But yesterday, I received the call! I'm getting transferred! I will be going to a place called Villarrica! It's about 3 hours north of where I am now. It's the most northern part of the mission! So I guess it comes out to being in Punta Arenas for the first winter and Villarrica for the last winter in the mission field.  I'm hoping it will be pretty warm up there because I'm not liking this cold as of right now! I am actually super sad to go now, because my companion is super cool.  Also we are just tearing it up right now.  Not only that, but we have somebody who is going to get baptized this upcoming week.  He is super, super cool and now I won't be here for his baptism! 

The coolest thing that has happened over these last two transfers that I have had here, is that one day the zone leaders and all the district leaders got together and we talked about what we needed to do to start having success and to start baptizing.  We talked about a bunch of things and we narrowed it down to just simply planning. Just like it says in our planners.  Which probably sounds like the most ridiculous thing in the world.  But that's really where everyone was faulting. And nobody in the mission was doing it.  So we started to put it in to practice as leaders. And we started to see some results. So then we taught it to our districts and did some verification and really made sure that they were doing it as well. And it started to work for them also.  Then, suddenly all the numbers shot up. The attitude of the my district personally, was completely different. Then all of the sudden the baptisms more than doubled and the  church attendance increased.  But mostly, the faith of every missionary was incredible! 

The biggest thing that I learned was that... EVERYTHING starts with the basics and that you will never achieve anything if you don't plan! 

As I was preparing for my district meeting in which we were going to talk about planning. I remembered a very valuable lesson that Brother Driggs taught when he was my Sunday School teacher. I remembered I Nephi chapter 3 and 4 and I applied it to planning! 

We read of three situations in which Nephi and his brothers try to obtain the plates.

The first atempt being them NOT PLANNING, simply casting lots to see who should go to and try to obtain the plates. The results... they failed.

Then we read about the second time, that they actually did make plans.  They made a plan to have success and they put it in to play.  The results... they failed again.

Then we read of the third attempt. Nephi, being humbled consulted the Lord, had a plan, was guided by the spirit and did as the Lord told him. The results... they obtained the plates.

I learned that in the mission we can plan everyday.  We can even plan very good everyday.  But if we never plan anything in our lives with the Lord, or if we try to do anything that we think will be better than the way of the Lord.  It is better not to plan at all.  Because in the end the results are the same. they both fail. BUT, when we do plan with the Lord, and we do the things the way he has told us to do it we have... SUCCESS!!!! 

I am so greatful for the last transfer that I had here because had I not been here I would have never learned such a valuable life lesson! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Wow, this week has been a crazy week but also a very good one. This last week I have been sick almost all week, but I am better now. Yesterday, my companion and I got a phone call from the AP's telling us my companion has to pack up his bags and be at the bus terminal in an hour for an emergency transfer! So now I've got a new companion from El Salvador and he is super, super.  But I mean he's a super cool guy!!!!!! 

My recent convert is doing super, super good! He just today came to lunch with us and he is going to go out with us tomorrow to go and visit with a friend he wants us to teach! He is such a crazy but super cool guy!

This last sunday we had probably the most spiritual sacrament that we have had the whole time I have been here. Because it was the farewell of a missionary. The first one in like 10 years for this ward! So that was super wonderful and I have never seen the ward on such a spiritual high! It made me super happy to see them like that. 

Everything is going wonderful! I'm almost positive that I will get transferred this next week. JUST when things start going amazing. But that's my life!  I am just going to work as hard as I can so that the ward leaves my hands in really good condition! 

Anyways, that's all for today! Sorry I have little time like always! I love you all, and thank you so much for all that you do, and for your support and prayers!  

Monday, June 2, 2014

Well, this week was a good one. Because we had a baptism. And this guy is freakin crazy, but super sick and super intelligent. He knows a ton about the gospel and studies the scriptures so much, so it's super cool. I'm most happy about this baptism, because he is the first brother that I have baptized and he is now going to recieve the priesthood. I think here in the near future he will be called to be a leader of the ward. As of right now he wants to start a ward choir and do a ton of stuff with the ward which is super cool. He is super, super smart in the music side of things so we definitely get along well. Haha. I am extremely excited too because he is a potential Priesthood Holder. I am going to do everything so that he understands how wonderful, but also how important such an oportunity is to have the priesthood.

Anyways, hate to cut things short but I have to be obedient to the rules! I love you all! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Monday May 26, 2014


I've got some good news for the week, and also some bad news.... One of our investigators is getting baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bad news is that our other investigators' mom told him that we are of the devil and that we worship Joseph Smith and everything. so we can't meet with him anymore which is super sad. Because this kid wants to be a missionary and everything! 

Bryson told me that you guys might move to texas? I think it's a sick idea! That would be super cool! I'm up for it! By the way could you thank everyone for the letters which I got this week! I am super greatful that everyone wrote me and emailed this last week! I felt so good when I opened up my email and saw one from everyone! So thank you so so so very much! 

Tell Jacob that obedience is absolutely number one and that there are no exceptions to any rules in the mission! 

I am really liking the Family Home Evening Idea. That just makes me more excited to come home and be with the family! That is super crazy that the school year is about to end. I swear just yesterday that it started and it is even more crazy to think that I will be home before the next school year ends! 

Thank you so so so much for praying for my investigators and putting them and the prayer lists in the temple. Obviously it has made some what of a difference becuase we are going to have a baptism this week! 

This last week I haven't had any super crazy experiences or anything like that. But I know the lord is watching over me because...well, lets just say im lucky I didn't die this last week! But everything is going good. I am super excited for this next cambio and I am hoping I go to a new sector. But other than that all is good! Thank you so much for all the prayers and support! I love you all! 

Monday May 19,2014

This week was a good one. Lots of work, but of course it paid off in the end. One of our investigators that we are teaching right now is awesome. Although he looks like he has never cut his hair nor shaved his beard in his life. He has been so prepared by the lord it's amazing. He is extremely receptive to the gospel and everything that leaves my mouth, true or false. Nah, just kidding.  But he has lots of energy and he acts like he is a member already when he comes to church. He participates, shares comments and everything! He has honestly started to change the ward a little bit. The members have been really supportive of him and his progress, which has been absolutly amazing. They have invited him to Noche de Hogares, and to participate in a special musical number that they are doing next sunday. I'm telling you it's absolutly amazing! The ward is actually coming together to help somebody make convenants with God! During my whole time I haven't seen the members like this! I hope it leaves a good impact! Another positive effect has been that we have had a lot more members come out with us to do visits and we have had some really good experiences. Some hermanos that have never come out with me, have now come out to work with us! Another miracle! This investigator has a fecha to get baptized on the 31st of this month along with another investigator that we are teaching so please pray for them! They are well needed here! 

Anyways, things here are going a little bit better, I can't lie though I'm hoping for a transfer this next cambio because I have been in this sector for a long time and I just kind of want something new. But all is well. 

Anyways, Thank you so much family for everything! I love you all so very very much! 

Elder Beals.