Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 18, 2014

This last week has been a very great week! The work here is changing a ton since our new mission president has got here. It has been so, so very exciting to be a part of the great change! Our president has changed the standard of excellence here in the mission.  One of the things that he changed was that he increased the number of lessons that we shared with investigators having a member present, from 10 lessons a week to 40 member- present lessons a week.  It has been super cool to see our zone progressing so much, as they catch the vision of the mission president and start to achieve things they never thought were possible in the mish. 

Our investigators are progressing really, really well. This last week my companion and I weren't together much. We had to do some 24 hour inter-transfers with the missionaries. The day that we were together we found a kid that is super cool. We taught him the restoration and everything. When we invited him to pray to know if it was true he said that he already knows that it is true because he said he could feel that it was true as we were teaching him! So that was super cool! Also Tuesday I was with a new misionary in my sector and we found somebody who invited us to his house.  We started talking to him and everything.  He told us that he had already met with the missionaries a while back. But one of them offended his mom and she wouldn't let him meet with them any more.  But that he had already prayed to know if the church is true.  He said that he had a dream that someone visited him and told him that it was all true.  So he wants to be baptized!!  That was super sick as well. I feel like I have never been guided so much by the spirit in the mission. The Lord has helped my companion and me so much to just find the right people! Hahaha it's actually funny cause my view of the people has changed.  I just noticed. the other day a person we contacted was super receptive and everything.  Then he told us that we could meet with him and everything but that he was never going to change his religion. Usually I would be like "Okay, it's all good." But then all the sudden I caught myself laughing and then saying  "Just wait till you feel the spirit!!" Hahaha wow, the mission is just wonderful!  I love the work so so very much!  I have grown a ton! And I love every second!!! Thank you so much family and friends for everything! I love you tons!!!!!  

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