Monday, April 6, 2015

Bueno, It is super crazy to think that this is the last time i will be writing home from the mission. I have learned so so much!  I am so greatful for the experiences which I have had here in the mission and for the trials I have experienced that have helped me grow immensely! I am extremely grateful for everyone of you.  Especially for your support and love and prayers I know that I have the best friends and family that anyone could have in the world! There are two things that have really struck me here in the mission that I have learned.  Those two things are the importance of the family and the importance of unity!  I know that the family is divinely ordained of God with the purpose of achieving growth and learning opportunities that can't be found through any other source. I know that the progress of man is only possible as he lives and strives to do the will of God.  Through living the commandments we find freedom, peace and joy in this life and a security of those same blessings in the life to come. A family that stives to fully live the gospel will be blessed with wealth, with confidence, and with happiness. 
The gospel of Jesus Christ cannot only be treated as an actvity that comes and goes every Sunday, but as style of life and a way of living.  When we stive to put our lives in harmony with the will of God, automatically we becomed tuned into a stream of blessings and a capacity to be able to achieve anything!  Anyone who is looking to find place in this world or in his or her own life must first be united with God. And then comes the unity with everthing and everyone else. 
I know, that Jesus Christ lives. I Know that he suffered for all of us! He is our Savior, the one who brings us Eternal Life. I love the gospel! I love my savior! I love all of you! and NOS VEMOS VIERNES!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Tomb to view the "Because He Lives" video