Monday, December 8, 2014

Well this week was super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super crazy! I have never had anything like it in my whole mission! 
I'll just sum it all up is a few words.....

Church only lasted 15 minutes yesterday before we had to leave... but that is all I can say until I get home!!!! Super crazy! 

This week has been a great week though, and full of spiritual experiences as well as edification. I got a new compaion who is here to work, so that is super nice. Friday we had a mission conference with all the other zone leaders in the mission.  We talked about some crazy changes that are coming to the mission.  When Elder Nelson came here they had a meeting and made a whole bunch of changes which are super cool.  They are changes that I have been wanting to happen since I was in Porvenir!  I couldn't even believe it when our president started talking about it!  It is so, so cool! I had such a strong spiritual confirmation!  My compaion and I are working super hard!  I have already seen a difference in the work since he has been here! Which makes me so happy to see the things progressing again! Our investigators are progressing really well and getting so much closer to the Lord! My convert here is absolutly incredible! He is one of the greatest people I know!  He just makes me so proud!  He is doing everything he can to progess in the gospel!  He calls us every once in a while just to see how we are doing and to tell me how far he is in the Book of Mormon! He is such a cool kid! Anyways, everything is running well! I love you all family and friends! Thank you for the prayers and support! love you all! 

-Elder Beals- :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

La semana ha sido muy muy buena! tuvimos éxito en cuanto a encontrando personas, de hecho ayer enseñamos 3 nuevas personas y desafiamos 2. Por fin estamos encontrando mucho mas y estamos empezando a enseñar mas personas. Yo he sentido el espíritu muy fuerte esta ultima semana y tengo una meta personal de reconocer el espíritu mejor y actuar cuando lo escuche y también de enfocarme mas en revelación personal. así que siento que he mejorado en eso. voy a seguir con la meta por la próxima semana igualmente. tenemos muy buenos investigadores, pero cada una de las personas tienen desafíos muy grandes que vienen de satanás estoy seguro! y entonces nos hace difícil para ayudarles. pero están progresando! están leyendo las escrituras y están orando y esto esta anudándoles mucho! tenemos buenos planes para el siguiente cambio y vamos a trabajar duro para que tengamos éxito y que podemos lograr la visión de un bautismo cada mes por compañerismo! todo va muy bien y amo el señor, amo la obra!

This last week has been really, really good! We had a lot of success in finding new people which was great becuase we have been trying to find new people this whole last transfer! Yesterday we taught three new people and invited two to be baptized! They didn't accept becuase they are not yet prepared enough.  But we taught the doctrine so clear that they can't deny anything! Hahaha. This last week I have really felt the power of the spirit and the influence of it. It has been my personal goal this throughout the week to recognize the spirit better and the act when I hear it! I have also been focusing on personal revelation, which is helping out as well! And i definitely feel like I am getting better at listening to the spirit! The investigators that we are teaching are wonderful, wonderful people. They have really been prepared by the Lord.  But they all have very specific and unique problems that have all come from Satan that really makes things complicated!  Which just helps me know that we are doing the real work of God! I dont have a whole lot of time to write but I love the Lord!  I love His work!  There is nothing more gratifying then the work and more satisfying, than being in the service of God! 

Love you all! thank you so much for everything!