Monday, September 30, 2013

Alright, so this last week was so crazy, but so so so great!!!!!! To start off with... On Monday, our investigator, who had the date to be baptized was super, super excited telling everyone that she was going to be baptized and all. Everything was just wonderful! We were super excited for her and everything! We had made plans to pass by her house everyday just to make sure that satan didn't pull any tricks or anything on us. 

So Tuesday we passed by to see how she was doing and all and she was still super excited and everything. Then that night we decided to pass by her house again for some reason and she was like "Elders, I need to talk to you." and we were like.... "Uh oh." and she said "Elders, I dont feel right. I need to wait a little bit of time.. I feel like I am lacking something!" And we, knowing her, were like "NOOO you don't lack anything!" This sister has such a huge testimony of the gospel and we reminded her that satan was going to be working on her and that her thoughts were coming from satan! But nothing was working. We invited her to keep praying and we continued to pray so hard! I was absolutly heart broken and devastated. Then Wednesday passed still nothing. Thursday we had a lesson with her and a family. And she was like "Okay, but I need to find out what I lack so I still need to wait."  We said "Okay, we are going to pass by again tomorrow." Then on Friday she said that she still needed to wait. And we just didn't understand. The Lord confirmed to all of us that she would be ready by the 28th, but she just didn't feel it anymore. Then Friday night we had an activity at the church.  Afterwards we invited her to talk with the branch president about her feelings and everything. They were talking for forever.  And when they finished, she said "Okay I'm gonna pray again!" So Saturday morning we called her around 2:00, and she said.... "Elders, I need to be baptized today. Is that still okay?" We were SO HAPPY!!!! So we hurried and ran to the church and filled up the font and called all the members and we had a wonderful baptism!!!!! 

Then Sunday morning, the next day, I was reading the Liahona right before church and I realized that I had baptized her WRONG!!!!!!! I didn't even think about it and the witnesses didn't catch it either!!! so we hurried and called the mission president and right after church I had to baptize her AGAIN!!!!! But all was well! 


However, I have never been so happy in my life to see someone make a covenant with the Lord! Awe, it was such a wonderful day!!!! I'm pretty sure! I have actualy never been happier in my life before. I have a new perception of the mission and how to do the work and I can't wait to continue to do the work and bring more people into the waters of baptism!!! 

My companion Elder Jones is a great companion

The people in the picture are the members, our convert and a couple of our investigators.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This last week was just wonderful!!!!! We have got many investigators that are progressing, and they are all doing so very good! I was a little worried from being sick that our sector would take a pretty big hit, but the Lord blessed us and protected us and everything was better than when we left it.  Even though we couldn't work for a week! This Saturday we have a baptism and I am so so so so so so super excited for it!
This last week was the national independence week and so there was lots of parties and crazy stuff. Because we are stuck on a little peaceful island nothing really big happened here except for the streets were like a ghost town!
Anyways, we ended up eating a ton of food and stuff during the week which probably wasn't the best for my stomach.  But it's all good!
No Mom, I didnt get your package yet. Most of the goverment buildings here have been on strike and so everything has been closed down. Including the mail service. And to top things off, I only get mail when I go into Punta Arenas... so about once a month.... So, I have no idea when I will get it.  But I will take a package anyday!!!! Thank you so very much mom! And will you tell Aubrey and Jefferson I am so sorry for forgetting to tell them Happy Birthday.

The time lately has just been flying by so very fast and I realized that Jake is gonna be coming out in the field here pretty soon!!!!! It's so crazy!!!! I hope they send him to Chile Osorno! Anyways, I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!! You have all been incredible examples in my life.  And I hope I can represent that example with all my heart, might, mind and strength!

Monday, September 16, 2013

So talk about the longest most painful week of my LIFE!!!!! Last sunday I got very sick right after church. So after lunch and a couple of appointments, my companion an I went back to the house. That night I was throwing up and just having the absolute worst time of my life. Then, the next morning was p-day and I obiously couldn't go out because I was sick. Then the next day we had to travel to Punta Arenas to do stuff for my visa which just drained me completely. Wednesday when we got up I had almost no energy whatsoever. But I still when out and then I started to just get really light headed and really really cold. So they took me back to the house and called a doctor to come see me. After seeing the doctor he said he had no idea what was wrong. So I went back to the zone leaders house and then just started to get super super cold again and I couldn't stop shaking from being so cold that I went into shock.  They laid me and the floor and tried to get me to breathe a little, but I was so cold. They took my temperature and I had a fever of 103!!!!! So they ripped off all the blankets and everything and I eventually calmed down. Then the next morning I just laid in bed all day and went to see another doctor! Then Friday I had to travel back to Porvenir and when I got back I was just dead. I had no energy and couldn't do anything. Luckily the president of the Rama and his wife are doctors and so they came and looked at me, and then they hurried and ran to the hospital and got an IV.  I was hooked up on that the rest the day. Saturday I just rested all day.  Sunday I got up and went to church and when we got to the church I just collapsed. So the president sent me back home and I just rested all day again.
I have never wanted to leave a house so bad in my life!!!
But now I am pretty much 100 percent I think. This week is the national independence week so I can rest a little bit so thats good. But other than that I did absolutely NOTHING this week! So pretty boring week.
Anyways, I love you all! thank you for your prayers and support!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

These are some pictures I found on the internet.  It is so cold in Tierra Del Fuego 
that the glaciers never melt.

 These trees don't even look real.  especially in the winter.

A little fishing community in Porvenir. Which is the largest city in Tierra Del Fuego.

Sorry everyone I didn't email you all on Monday it's because I have been sick since Sunday and I'm still sicker than a dog...... but it's okay because Elder Holland said once in a talk that if we are ever faced with trials and difficulties that just means that the best is soon to come after! 

We have 5 investigators with a date to be baptized and about 3 of them are going to be baptized the 28 of this month!!!! so im pretty happy to finally be seeing some results. 

This Sunday was a little interesting... I presided, conducted and taught principles of the gospel class.... quite a day that was; and then imedietly after church I got sick! I think the lord blessed me and let the sickness sit out till I did the work that needed to be done. 

I found out that the chapel in Provenir where I am currently serving is the most southern chapel in the WORLD!!!!! which is pretty crazy. 

The weather here is starting to warm up and the days are going to a whole lot faster now with warmer weather! 

I feel so bad for Chris..... but knowing the plan of salvation, I know that what the lord has in store is so much better than what we can imagine! 

Tell the KUNZ's that I love them so much and that they are in my prayers!!!!! I know that Celeste is definitely in the Celestial Kingdom right now! The plan of salvation is truly a plan of happieness! 

I love hearing about the BYU upadates!!!! They make me so happy and I can't believe that Brandon Davies signed with my FAVORITE TEAM IN THE NBA!!!!! That is so freaking sick!!!! 

That's cool that Brock got his mission call! Tell him I said congrats and to start studying Preach my Gospel like crazy! It will bless him so much!!!!!! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

so this last week was a pretty normal week. I got another new companion and we are working great together!!!! This week was very challanging though, because I am the lead for the sector and I have only been here for two weeks but it has taught me so much and I have grown a lot from it too! My spanish this last week just shot up so much! And all of the sudden I could communicate a ton!!!!! But there are so many people here that remind me of people back at home and sometimes I wish I was back at home so I could just help them! so when I get back I am for sure gonna bust the gospel out on everyone!!!! haha! anyways, I dont have a whole lot of time! I love you all so much family!!! you have all been such an incredible blessing in my life!
I can write personally now, so if you write me will probably have a little bit of time to write a short note back!