Monday, September 16, 2013

So talk about the longest most painful week of my LIFE!!!!! Last sunday I got very sick right after church. So after lunch and a couple of appointments, my companion an I went back to the house. That night I was throwing up and just having the absolute worst time of my life. Then, the next morning was p-day and I obiously couldn't go out because I was sick. Then the next day we had to travel to Punta Arenas to do stuff for my visa which just drained me completely. Wednesday when we got up I had almost no energy whatsoever. But I still when out and then I started to just get really light headed and really really cold. So they took me back to the house and called a doctor to come see me. After seeing the doctor he said he had no idea what was wrong. So I went back to the zone leaders house and then just started to get super super cold again and I couldn't stop shaking from being so cold that I went into shock.  They laid me and the floor and tried to get me to breathe a little, but I was so cold. They took my temperature and I had a fever of 103!!!!! So they ripped off all the blankets and everything and I eventually calmed down. Then the next morning I just laid in bed all day and went to see another doctor! Then Friday I had to travel back to Porvenir and when I got back I was just dead. I had no energy and couldn't do anything. Luckily the president of the Rama and his wife are doctors and so they came and looked at me, and then they hurried and ran to the hospital and got an IV.  I was hooked up on that the rest the day. Saturday I just rested all day.  Sunday I got up and went to church and when we got to the church I just collapsed. So the president sent me back home and I just rested all day again.
I have never wanted to leave a house so bad in my life!!!
But now I am pretty much 100 percent I think. This week is the national independence week so I can rest a little bit so thats good. But other than that I did absolutely NOTHING this week! So pretty boring week.
Anyways, I love you all! thank you for your prayers and support!!!

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