Monday, September 2, 2013

so this last week was a pretty normal week. I got another new companion and we are working great together!!!! This week was very challanging though, because I am the lead for the sector and I have only been here for two weeks but it has taught me so much and I have grown a lot from it too! My spanish this last week just shot up so much! And all of the sudden I could communicate a ton!!!!! But there are so many people here that remind me of people back at home and sometimes I wish I was back at home so I could just help them! so when I get back I am for sure gonna bust the gospel out on everyone!!!! haha! anyways, I dont have a whole lot of time! I love you all so much family!!! you have all been such an incredible blessing in my life!
I can write personally now, so if you write me will probably have a little bit of time to write a short note back!

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