Monday, February 24, 2014

Wow this last week was full of pure miracles here in the mission. I want to share one of them. This last week I was sick on Tuesday so we stayed in the house. Then on Wednesday I  was still sick but we decided we needed to go out and work anyways. So we were out in the street and we hadn't really planned out where we were going or anything. So we were out walking in the street and it was gettting close to the end of the day and we felt that we should just hurry and quickly visit the house of a member.

Now, before we passed by this member, two evangelists had stopped by her house to give her dad who is sick and about to die, a blessing. But they were women so they definitely wouldn't have whatsoever authority they needed to do so. But the sister went upstairs and told her dad (who is not a member) that the two women down stairs were going to give him a blessing to help him with his sickness. But he said "No, becuase there are two pastors down stairs who are going to give me a blessing." She looked at him funny and said "What two pastors?"  Just then the doorbell rang. 

So now, here we are on the outside of the the house, we ring the doorbell and the sister answers and says, "ELDERS? Come in, sit down, I will be right back." So we sit down and decide to share a message with the family and everything. Then the sister comes back into the room and says "Elders, I need to tell you something." Then she told us everything that had just happened before we rang the doorbell. And that we were the two pastors her father was talking about and asked us to give her father a blessing.

WOW! Blew my mind away!!!  I just sat there that night and thought "How glad am I that we decided to go out and work anyways. Because, as sick as I was there was somebody else who really needed our help!" It was so, so cool! 

Anyways, sorry its a short email and all. But the work is going wonderful, wonderful here! The people are progressing and we are working hard to help them make covenants with The Lord! What a blessing it is to be a part of this great work! 


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So, this last week was a pretty life changing experience you could say I guess. Yesterday, our mission had a conference with Elder M. Russel Ballard and Elder Rasband. It was thee most wonderful, powerful and peaceful thing that has ever happened in my life! They talked about so many wonderful things that I wouldn't know where to start. But basically, how we can do the work better.  Everyone in the mission except those in the south, (Punta Arenas) got to meet him and shake his hand.  That was pretty great as well.  I haven't washed my hands since! Nah, just kidding. But I am so so glad that I am up in the north.  Because if I was still in Punta Arenas I wouldn't have been able to meet him! Anyways, the mission is great. There are no other words than that; "Just great." I love doing to work and now it has brought me so many blessings, life changing experiences and happiness in my life.  I can't change that out for nothing! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

This week was a wonderful, wonderful week! The last week of the cambios and we ended really, really good with a baptism of a girl who is super, super great! Her mom is less active but she came to the baptism and she is going to start coming to church! Her older brother is jealous that she got baptized. So we are going to start teaching him today becuase he wants to get baptized now! Which is super, super cool! Our investigator from the states has got to be the coolest guy! He is so, so, so cool! Yesterday, I gave him a Book of Mormon and also a book by Elder Ballard called Our Search for Happiness which is super, super cool! He is going to start reading it! Our baptism was super, super spiritual. My District Leader and I played an arrangement that I wrote in the mission called "If You Could Hie To Kolob". It was super super cool! We had a bunch of investigators there so it was super good for them as well! This next Monday Elder Ballard is coming to the mission! I don't get to sing in the choir for him but it's all good! I cant wait to see him! Also this Wednesday is cambios and I have a new companion coming. This next cambio we are going to have so much success I can tell! I am so so excited! Anyways, thank you so much family for everything! For all of your prayers and all that you do for me. I love you all!

Monday, February 3, 2014

This last week was very good we have got lots of people that are moving along well and we are getting lots of opportunities to teach which of course I love. This Saturday we plan on having our baptism which we are extrememly excited to have because it is going to be a great opportunity for all of our other investigators to see! We have already planned it out and everything becuase we want a stong spiritual experience for the members and all of the investigators! This last week we passed by our friend from the states again and I could just see how the lord has prepared him for the missionaries to teach him! This next time we pass by we are going to start teaching him the restoration and we are going to invite him to be baptized! I'm going to attach a photo of the entrance to his yard..... It's so beautiful!!!! But I am super excited for him! He will be such a great leader for the church here! We have been doing really, really good and we are planning on finishing this last cambio off really really strong! And the next cambio here will be really, really great!! It has been such a great learning experience here so far I absolutly love it in this sector. There is so much potential here it unreal! 

Anyways, Elder Ballard is coming to my mission the 17th and I am so so stoked!!!! and I just might be singing in the choir for him when he comes! I will be traveling back to puerto varas where my zone was the last cambio because that is where he will be speaking!!!! 
Anyways, that will be all for today family! I love you all very much!