Monday, July 29, 2013

WOW this last week was absolutly cray cray!!!!! 
They split my sector in half and put in some sisters but the problem is that all of our investigators were on their side of the sector. So this last week has been super difficult! but we found 6 new investigators and had the most lessons I've had since I've been out on the mission! the only thing is that every single one of our investigators has somewhat got some sort of problem...... we taught one guy who apparently thinks its cool in chile to chill in womens tights that are transparent during the lesson but whatever. another guy thinks that that every christian church has the priesthood authority of god. 

We found a really nice nice lady who said we can teach her but she lives alone so we had to get a member to come with us to go and teach her and the only person that we could get was papito....during this lesson that was supposed to be about the RESTORATION papito decided to wing his own deal and we taught about EXCOMUNICATION, REINCARNATION, and CREMATION!!!!! like what the freak? anyways all is welll because she is extememly receptive and she invited us to come back and she wants papito to come with us! she thinks they are friends now!!!!! The Lord was definetly watching out for us! 

Winter has started here in Punta Arenes so its just getting colder and colder and more and more windy! I am so glad I bought that leather coat because it is the warmest thing on earth! 

Im glad to hear that Jacob is doing soccer because I actually LOVE soccer now!!!!  I know its crazy! I thought I would never say that but I bought some National Chile Soccer Team jerseys that are SICKKKKK! 

I found my blessing by the way mom so you dont have to send it to my anymore!!!! 
and the music yeah if you want to send it on a USB or something that would be awesome!!! Anyways the people here are pretty nice. I've had a lot of doors litteraly slammed in my face but it's their loss so it's all good! The people here love to feed the missionaires so I have gained so much weight that even the members can tell a difference which is sad!!!! I work out but its no good!  
It's pretty 1st world too! They have a wallmart here and malls and all that stuff. You can get the same stuff here as the states.
SORRY, I never have a lot to write!!!! It seems like all week I have stuff to write home but then when I sit down my mind goes blank! 


JACOB: Bro, I miss you so much man!!!! so much!!!! the other day I was telling my companion how much I hope they call you to Osorno!!!!! And how sick it would be if i could train you!!!!!! that would be so awesome!!!!! keep balling man!! and lose as much weight as possible because when you get out in the field your gonna gain it all back!!!!!! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alright, so this last week was so freezzzzzzing cold!!!!!!! the coldest its been the whole time I've been here! this week they split my sector in half and sent in some Hermanas that are pretty chill I guess but they ended up taking like 4 or 5 of our investigators who we had worked so hard to find and were preparing for baptism. And they took a ton of our less actives as well. So my companion and I were outside knocking doors all day everyday during the coldest part of the year. I seriously want to cut off my legs, they were so cold! but its all good because the hard work makes the week go by faster! We found a bunch of new people as well! We have been working so hard to build this ward because it is so weak. And this week we had the most members that they have had for a long time however, because our sector split none of our investigators in the hermanas sector attended church this Sunday... which worrys me! I hope the investigators will like the sisters. 

Everyday the people that live in front of us play american music.... I'm talkin the good stuff! the stuff I jam too and it is so nice to hear american music!!!!!! it makes me feel so good!!!! I always just want to bust out and dance!!!! hahahah! 

Oh yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week mom!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!! last monday I was so sad because I wasn't celebrating Jacobs birthday with him!

I love hearing from everyone!!!!! thank you so much for your support and love!!!!!! you are all amazing blessings in my life!!!! 

Mom: I cannot find my Patriarchal Blesssing!!!!!! will you please scan it and send it to me? thank you so much! also can you send me a bunch of our paul cardall music on the computer!!!! I need some music!!!! Thank you mom! I love you so much!!!!!! 

I love you all!!!!!!! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

I first want to say HAPPPPPPPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to my brother Jacob!!!!!!
You have been such and INFLUENCE in my life and I really do look up to you both Literaly and Emotionaly! Im so glad to hear that you got your Patriarcal Blessing!!!!! it is so cool! you only have a year left till your mission so PREPARE NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!! it is going to come so fast!!!!! and you want to be as prepared as possible for that day!!!!!!!!!! so start reading that Book of Mormon and Marking it UP! study Preach My Gospel as welll! because it is truly words of modern day prophets which receieved revelation directly from the Lord!!!!!!! 

Also thank you so much Family for the wonderful package!!!!!!!!!! it's almost like you knew EVERY single thing that I've been cravin since I've been here!!!!! Thank you so much!!! 

So not a whole lot to email this week but I've been workin hard! It's starting to go by so so fast! which is good! I've never been so tired though! everyday my body just aches from all the walking and teaching! I can almost barley stay awake during lessons! 

This week we taught the most lessons we have taught the whole time I've been here and we had the most amount of members attend then we ever have had since I've been here! 

They changed the emails rules a little bit. I can't email anyone about any other person in the mission for the sake of privacy so sorry mom we cant talk about certain people any more. 

I've decided for me to better relate to the people here and understand them better I would relate them to people they remind me most of back at home..... hahaha and it's actually been really funny! But it really helps! 

Anyways, I love you so much my dear Family and Friends! I hope you are all doing well!

P.S. Does anyone know if Kylie got her call yet or if she get married or something? She hasn't written me in like 6 months!!!!! hahaha!  

Josh Flygare: I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU IN OVER A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO good to hear from you!!!!! I miss you so Much MAN!!!!! so MUCH!!!!! How is canada? What do you mean man? your spanish is ROCKIN! I wish my spanish was that good! its gonnna be so sick when we are back from our missions talking like crazy latinos! Dont get married before I get back bro!!!!! I Cant believe you have been out for more than a year!!!!! ahhhhh so crazy! sorry I cant email you personally, It's a mission rule and I got to be exactly obiedient cause I dont want to get sent home! hahah!!! Love you so much BRO! you better write me every week now!!!!!! 

KUNZZZZZZZZZ: Hey bro, how is everything in Africa? Did you recover from your sickness? Im sorry man! Im hoping like crazy I dont get sick! I hope you have plenty of food cause i hear that some missionaries in Africa are starving cause there is no food! hope thats not you! There is a lady in my Ward that is Exactly like your mom! It makes me miss your family and you so much more! I miss you man!!!!!! Keep workin hard out there though!!!! Love ya man!

ELDER SEVERSON: How is TEX man? I Hope your looking out for some good places that we can build our HUGE complex! How is the weather there? im so jealous of you and chris man! because it is FREEZING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wind in crazy!!!!! All is good though!!!!! have you got any baptisms yet? That'd be sick!!!!!! Love you tons bro!!!!! keep it real! 

SUMMERS: AHHHHH BRO its so good to hear from you man!!!!!! Mexico is crazy huh? dude, Chile is too! dogs every where!!!!!! I'm like Batman though, I just let them bite me and I stick myself up later like its no big deal!!!!! dude, I bet them Latinas are all over you with that GORILLA gel!!!!!!! tell them your a missionary though! Slick that hair everyday man! That gel is SICK!!!!! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monday July 1

So I dont have a lot of time to email this morning..... 

This last week has been the longest but yet fastest week of my life so far! 

We have been teaching more people but not very many people are progressing at all. And most of the people we have been teaching have been less active. But not really too much luck. 

We are trying to get the members motivated to want to work with us but the missionaries before us kind of destroyed the trust between the members and the missionaries. So nobody wants to come out with us and we have like maybe 3 lessons with members a week. 

Oh mom, this sister I was talking to you about really wants to email you and she said she sent you a message on facebook and she is getting really anxious for you to respond. HAHAHA. but you are going to have to use Catalina to translate and write back cause its in spanish..... 

so I've been using this scale to weigh myself everyday and I though I lost 7 pounds and then someone told me the scale didn't really work and they gave me a scale that does work and I've actually gained 5 pounds...... 

Mom what was the example you told me about a person being baptized in the right church and having a girlfriend? or a wife or something? you told me it when we were in Costco one time. 

I love to hear from you all!!!!! Thank you so much for all the support you have been in my life! And 
Thank you for the birthday wishes!!!!!