Monday, July 29, 2013

WOW this last week was absolutly cray cray!!!!! 
They split my sector in half and put in some sisters but the problem is that all of our investigators were on their side of the sector. So this last week has been super difficult! but we found 6 new investigators and had the most lessons I've had since I've been out on the mission! the only thing is that every single one of our investigators has somewhat got some sort of problem...... we taught one guy who apparently thinks its cool in chile to chill in womens tights that are transparent during the lesson but whatever. another guy thinks that that every christian church has the priesthood authority of god. 

We found a really nice nice lady who said we can teach her but she lives alone so we had to get a member to come with us to go and teach her and the only person that we could get was papito....during this lesson that was supposed to be about the RESTORATION papito decided to wing his own deal and we taught about EXCOMUNICATION, REINCARNATION, and CREMATION!!!!! like what the freak? anyways all is welll because she is extememly receptive and she invited us to come back and she wants papito to come with us! she thinks they are friends now!!!!! The Lord was definetly watching out for us! 

Winter has started here in Punta Arenes so its just getting colder and colder and more and more windy! I am so glad I bought that leather coat because it is the warmest thing on earth! 

Im glad to hear that Jacob is doing soccer because I actually LOVE soccer now!!!!  I know its crazy! I thought I would never say that but I bought some National Chile Soccer Team jerseys that are SICKKKKK! 

I found my blessing by the way mom so you dont have to send it to my anymore!!!! 
and the music yeah if you want to send it on a USB or something that would be awesome!!! Anyways the people here are pretty nice. I've had a lot of doors litteraly slammed in my face but it's their loss so it's all good! The people here love to feed the missionaires so I have gained so much weight that even the members can tell a difference which is sad!!!! I work out but its no good!  
It's pretty 1st world too! They have a wallmart here and malls and all that stuff. You can get the same stuff here as the states.
SORRY, I never have a lot to write!!!! It seems like all week I have stuff to write home but then when I sit down my mind goes blank! 


JACOB: Bro, I miss you so much man!!!! so much!!!! the other day I was telling my companion how much I hope they call you to Osorno!!!!! And how sick it would be if i could train you!!!!!! that would be so awesome!!!!! keep balling man!! and lose as much weight as possible because when you get out in the field your gonna gain it all back!!!!!! 

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