Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monday July 1

So I dont have a lot of time to email this morning..... 

This last week has been the longest but yet fastest week of my life so far! 

We have been teaching more people but not very many people are progressing at all. And most of the people we have been teaching have been less active. But not really too much luck. 

We are trying to get the members motivated to want to work with us but the missionaries before us kind of destroyed the trust between the members and the missionaries. So nobody wants to come out with us and we have like maybe 3 lessons with members a week. 

Oh mom, this sister I was talking to you about really wants to email you and she said she sent you a message on facebook and she is getting really anxious for you to respond. HAHAHA. but you are going to have to use Catalina to translate and write back cause its in spanish..... 

so I've been using this scale to weigh myself everyday and I though I lost 7 pounds and then someone told me the scale didn't really work and they gave me a scale that does work and I've actually gained 5 pounds...... 

Mom what was the example you told me about a person being baptized in the right church and having a girlfriend? or a wife or something? you told me it when we were in Costco one time. 

I love to hear from you all!!!!! Thank you so much for all the support you have been in my life! And 
Thank you for the birthday wishes!!!!!  

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