Tuesday, August 26, 2014

sorry yáll have to translate! 

La semana ha sido Buenísimo! Mi compañero y yo aprendimos muchas buena cosas esta semana pasada. Tuvimos conferencia de Rama aquí entonces tuvimos muchas actividades de activación y hermanamiento y vimos muy buenos resultados. Sábado tuvimos una feria de la historia familia y puerta abiertas para el publico y vimos un milagro increíble! Algunas jóvenes de una Rama en nuestro distrito estaban en la feria y les invitamos a ayudar mi compañero y yo a encontrar y invitar personas a la capilla para la feria y todo. con mucho animo ellos participaron, les pasamos tarjetas y fuimos a la plaza para contactar personas y 3 de los jóvenes contactaron una mujer y su hija y le invitaron a la capilla. ella estaba muy interesada y fue. después la feria mi compañero  y yo contactos a ella y hablamos  un poquito para conocerle y le invitamos a asistir a la capilla con nosotros el siguiente día. ella acepto y también vino!!! y disfruto cada segundo! luego estamos hablando con un miembro y no dijo que ella fue invitado a un noche de hogar por hoy y la actividad de la sociedad de socorro que va pasar miércoles y ella esta muy animada para ir! miércoles en la mañana vamos a tener nuestro primera cita con ella y vamos a invitar ella a seguir nuestro salvador Jesucristo y bautizarse en su iglesia! estamos felices y muy animados! También, por causa de las actividades que hemos tenido la semana pasado encontramos una familia muy interesada en el evangelio. tenemos planes para invitar ellos a bautizarse esta semana también! La rama esta ayudándonos mucho! y los resultados son espectaculares! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 18, 2014

This last week has been a very great week! The work here is changing a ton since our new mission president has got here. It has been so, so very exciting to be a part of the great change! Our president has changed the standard of excellence here in the mission.  One of the things that he changed was that he increased the number of lessons that we shared with investigators having a member present, from 10 lessons a week to 40 member- present lessons a week.  It has been super cool to see our zone progressing so much, as they catch the vision of the mission president and start to achieve things they never thought were possible in the mish. 

Our investigators are progressing really, really well. This last week my companion and I weren't together much. We had to do some 24 hour inter-transfers with the missionaries. The day that we were together we found a kid that is super cool. We taught him the restoration and everything. When we invited him to pray to know if it was true he said that he already knows that it is true because he said he could feel that it was true as we were teaching him! So that was super cool! Also Tuesday I was with a new misionary in my sector and we found somebody who invited us to his house.  We started talking to him and everything.  He told us that he had already met with the missionaries a while back. But one of them offended his mom and she wouldn't let him meet with them any more.  But that he had already prayed to know if the church is true.  He said that he had a dream that someone visited him and told him that it was all true.  So he wants to be baptized!!  That was super sick as well. I feel like I have never been guided so much by the spirit in the mission. The Lord has helped my companion and me so much to just find the right people! Hahaha it's actually funny cause my view of the people has changed.  I just noticed. the other day a person we contacted was super receptive and everything.  Then he told us that we could meet with him and everything but that he was never going to change his religion. Usually I would be like "Okay, it's all good." But then all the sudden I caught myself laughing and then saying  "Just wait till you feel the spirit!!" Hahaha wow, the mission is just wonderful!  I love the work so so very much!  I have grown a ton! And I love every second!!! Thank you so much family and friends for everything! I love you tons!!!!!  

Friday, August 22, 2014

August 11, 2014

Esta ultima semana ha sido buenísimo! mi compañero y yo hemos visto muchos muchos milagros en la zona en contactos y en todo! estoy disfrutando la misión tanto durante este tiempo! ha sido muy bueno! nunca he sido tan feliz en mi vida! viernes contactamos a una mujer que nos invitó a pasar su casa el siguiente día para compartir con ella, entonces pasamos y compartimos la primera lección con tanto poder y convicción. El espíritu estaba quemando super fuerte en el cuarto! cuando terminamos la lección les invitamos a bautizarse y los 3 aceptaron si dudas, nada, y con mucho animo! Era tan buena la experiencia! 

I wrote a little something there for you Jacob! 

This last week has been aboslutly wonderful! My companion and I are working so hard! So Hard! I have never been so dang tired in my life!  But I have never enjoyed the mission so much!  Friday we contacted a lady in the street who invited us to pass by the next day.  So we passed by, and her husband and daughter were there. We taught the restoration. The spirit was super, super strong in the room. The lesson was so good and the spirit taught them really well. We invited the three of them to be baptized. When we finished they accepted without doubts or questions or anything! It was super cool! I felt so good when we left the house. I was so happy because I've only taught two families in my mission. They are super cool! Anyways, everything is going so good here. Wednesday we had another conference with president and we bought pizza to eat with him.  It was super inpirational. My companion and I still have tons and tons of work to do and I have been so, so, so tired its not even funny! I fall asleep standing up and walking in the street!!!!  Seriously!  And everynight when we kneel down to pray..... I'm out cold! Hahaha. But it makes me feel more satisfied with the work and with myself. Because I know I'm giving every ounce of energy I have got to the work. The Lord has blessed me so, so, so much! 

Anyways, thank you so much family and friends for all that you do and for all your love and support!!!! I love you all so, so, so much! 

August 4, 2014

Okay, so this week has been so, so, so, so, so crazy. I can't even believe it!  There is so much work to do I had no clue!  Alright, Im going to give you a brief overview of what happened since the day I started as a zone leader. 

Wednesday - Cambios.  I traveled to Valdivia for two and a half hours to do cambios for about three different zones. It lasted the whole day.  When we were just about finished with everything in the bus terminal. My companion realized that his backpack had been stolen with a bunch of legal info, a camera, pin drive and zone info. We got home super late after going to the police, (they didnt do anything) and watching the bus cameras in the security department to see who stole it. (they didnt do anything) Then we traveled to my sector in Lanco  for another hour and a half. 

Thursday, we had a pretty normal day preaching in our sector and everything. But then we had to travel to Osorno because we had to be there for leadership training with the president on Friday. So we left at about seven, and got there super late. I didn't get much sleep because, I had to sleep in my sleeping bag, on a cement floor with only a thin carpet over the top. Actually better said.... I didn't sleep at all. 

Friday - All day leadership conference. It was very inspirational indeed. Actually one of the most inspirational things I have ever done or seen in my life. I have now built up whatever faith in the world from the meeting. But, non the less, it lasted all day and consumed so much energy. Then, that same night we traveled back to our sector.  We were so lucky to have made it back to our sector because there were no buses. But, somehow we found one. Still don't know how.... Needless to say, I slept very hard that night. 

Saturday - Normal day. But in the morning we had another conference with our district leaders. 

Sunday - Normal Sunday. But in just about every lesson I had to do everything in the world to keep my eyes open.

Monday - today. We traveled to Valdivia again, for about one and a half hours, to do my second visa, but everything was shut down, because the power went out..... So I have to return tomorrow. 

Tomorrow - I will be going to Valdivia.... again. Then to a district meeting in a place called Los Lagos. Which is  another hour from Valdivia, then return to my sector....... 3 hours. 

Wednesday - Meeting/conference with our president in Villarrica... my previous sector which is three hours north. 

SUPER LOCO... I have never in my life been so tired.  Yet I have so much energy and desire to do the work. I absolutely have grown so much and now have such a strong love for the work.  It is unbelievable. my companion is the most humble  missionary in the mission and we work so hard. I love the mision so, so, so much right now!!! 

Anyways, sorry I don't have  a ton of time to write but I love you all.  Thank you for everything!  

July 28, 2014

Wow, this last week has been really slow, cold and hard.  But it has been a great week. We taught a lot of people that are less active.  They are doing really well. We committed a less active family to start praying as a family every night and for their meals. Wow, you wouldn't even believe the difference that it has made in their home. The whole time  I have been in this sector we have been working with this family and have been trying to help them start living the gospel again. It has been super difficult. But his last week we passed by and the moment we entered their house I could feel a different spirit. It was calm and peacefull in the house and super easy to teach them. Actually, while we were teaching them, about half way through the lesson they told us that for the last week they have started praying together as a family and at that moment I knew why I felt so different in their house. Because the spirit was there! I learned so much about the spirit that night. Just from that little experience! Hahaha, that same family totally loves me and I absolutely love them. They have 2 twins that are 14 or 15 years old. They act and remind me exactly of Bryson. They are absolutly hilarious and such punks too.  It is so funny! But I love it! Hahaha they are also building a house.  The other day they were explaining to us their frustration. Because they needed to find and architect and someone to draw up the plans for their house and what they wanted. I told them that I knew a couple things that I studied it a little bit and everything. And they were like "really?"  Then the next day they called us and asked me if I could come over if I didn't mind drawing up the plans for their house.  So I went over there and did it.  And I'm telling you their house it sick! I made it super super cool.  I explained to them that they don't want hallways and stuff like that. It's probably going to blow all the Chilean's minds becuase there isn't a single house in chile that looks like it! The family loves it and now they want me to come back to Chile to build it for them cause they are going to build it themselves. Hahaha I wish! 

I've got a little bit of news..... I'm getting Transfered!!!! Already, I know!  But President called me Saturday to be a Zone Leader!!!  I am super excited to do it! I will be going to a place called Lanco. I already know my companion, he is super cool! He is from COLUMBIA!! So I am super excited for that! 

Anyways, everything here is Chile is going good! Man I love this work so, so, so much! It's crazy! Tell everyone back at home I said hi and love them all!