Friday, August 22, 2014

August 11, 2014

Esta ultima semana ha sido buenísimo! mi compañero y yo hemos visto muchos muchos milagros en la zona en contactos y en todo! estoy disfrutando la misión tanto durante este tiempo! ha sido muy bueno! nunca he sido tan feliz en mi vida! viernes contactamos a una mujer que nos invitó a pasar su casa el siguiente día para compartir con ella, entonces pasamos y compartimos la primera lección con tanto poder y convicción. El espíritu estaba quemando super fuerte en el cuarto! cuando terminamos la lección les invitamos a bautizarse y los 3 aceptaron si dudas, nada, y con mucho animo! Era tan buena la experiencia! 

I wrote a little something there for you Jacob! 

This last week has been aboslutly wonderful! My companion and I are working so hard! So Hard! I have never been so dang tired in my life!  But I have never enjoyed the mission so much!  Friday we contacted a lady in the street who invited us to pass by the next day.  So we passed by, and her husband and daughter were there. We taught the restoration. The spirit was super, super strong in the room. The lesson was so good and the spirit taught them really well. We invited the three of them to be baptized. When we finished they accepted without doubts or questions or anything! It was super cool! I felt so good when we left the house. I was so happy because I've only taught two families in my mission. They are super cool! Anyways, everything is going so good here. Wednesday we had another conference with president and we bought pizza to eat with him.  It was super inpirational. My companion and I still have tons and tons of work to do and I have been so, so, so tired its not even funny! I fall asleep standing up and walking in the street!!!!  Seriously!  And everynight when we kneel down to pray..... I'm out cold! Hahaha. But it makes me feel more satisfied with the work and with myself. Because I know I'm giving every ounce of energy I have got to the work. The Lord has blessed me so, so, so much! 

Anyways, thank you so much family and friends for all that you do and for all your love and support!!!! I love you all so, so, so much! 

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