Friday, August 22, 2014

July 28, 2014

Wow, this last week has been really slow, cold and hard.  But it has been a great week. We taught a lot of people that are less active.  They are doing really well. We committed a less active family to start praying as a family every night and for their meals. Wow, you wouldn't even believe the difference that it has made in their home. The whole time  I have been in this sector we have been working with this family and have been trying to help them start living the gospel again. It has been super difficult. But his last week we passed by and the moment we entered their house I could feel a different spirit. It was calm and peacefull in the house and super easy to teach them. Actually, while we were teaching them, about half way through the lesson they told us that for the last week they have started praying together as a family and at that moment I knew why I felt so different in their house. Because the spirit was there! I learned so much about the spirit that night. Just from that little experience! Hahaha, that same family totally loves me and I absolutely love them. They have 2 twins that are 14 or 15 years old. They act and remind me exactly of Bryson. They are absolutly hilarious and such punks too.  It is so funny! But I love it! Hahaha they are also building a house.  The other day they were explaining to us their frustration. Because they needed to find and architect and someone to draw up the plans for their house and what they wanted. I told them that I knew a couple things that I studied it a little bit and everything. And they were like "really?"  Then the next day they called us and asked me if I could come over if I didn't mind drawing up the plans for their house.  So I went over there and did it.  And I'm telling you their house it sick! I made it super super cool.  I explained to them that they don't want hallways and stuff like that. It's probably going to blow all the Chilean's minds becuase there isn't a single house in chile that looks like it! The family loves it and now they want me to come back to Chile to build it for them cause they are going to build it themselves. Hahaha I wish! 

I've got a little bit of news..... I'm getting Transfered!!!! Already, I know!  But President called me Saturday to be a Zone Leader!!!  I am super excited to do it! I will be going to a place called Lanco. I already know my companion, he is super cool! He is from COLUMBIA!! So I am super excited for that! 

Anyways, everything here is Chile is going good! Man I love this work so, so, so much! It's crazy! Tell everyone back at home I said hi and love them all! 


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