Monday, July 14, 2014

This last week has been really hard, but really good. My companion and I have seen many miracles this last week. I just want to share one of them. Friday, my companion and I were working and we had a day super full of appointements and plans. The impression came to visit a less active family in our ward. The problem was that the impression came at the same time that we had an appointment planned that was on the other side of our sector and very far away. Also it would have been unusual for their family to be at home at this time because they were typically home in the morning and according to their work schedule that means that they wouldn't be there in the night. But we decided to follow our impression and go to their house anyways. 
 When we first got there the dad came out and started talking to us (he is a police officer here in chile) and recently there have been many robberies and assalts here in my sector. So as we were talking to him two kids ran up to the house next to us carrying a plasma screen TV.  One of them hopped over the fence and the other passed the TV to him over the fence and then they both took off. So, because he was outside he saw it all and would be able to identify who has been doing the crimes, where they live and everything. That was the first miracle.  Then, we entered into the house and as we sat there talking with the family the mom told us that she had been thinking about us right before we came over becuase the new baby of her daughter has some health problems and needed a blessing. So we had the opportunity to give a priesthood blessing. 
I absolutely love the work when we make others happy and we can see the blessings of the gospel in their lives! It just builds my testimony of the truthfulness of this amazing gospel and the importance of bringing it to everyone that we can! 

Love you all! thank you all so much for your prayers and support! love you all! 

Villarrica Volcano

 Brandon with new companion in Villarrica

Chilean BBQ on Game Day

"Game Day" with companion Chile vs. Brazil

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