Monday, August 5, 2013

Aright, so this last week was freaking awesome!!!!!!! 

Saturday I got to hang out with the President all day and he is a super awesome guy!!!!! He took a picture of me with his phone and did some fat booth thing to it and said "Hey Elder Beals, This is what your gonna look like in 2 years!!!" hahahaha so funny! but I'm sad, cause I hope that doesnt really happen!!!!!! 

I took it back to the good days with my uncles and cousins when we would discuss business ideas and theories, and i had to present my "Business Ideas" I guess you would say for the mission! The President really liked my idea of having an "Addiction Recovery Program" for all of our Less Actives, Members, and Investigators here in Punta Arenes, so we are getting that started right away now!!!!! hahahaha

We just had a new member move into the ward who does constuction but he is gonna be living here alone for about 4 months before his family moves in so he wanted us to come visit him because he is lonley. So the other day we went and visited him and he wanted to show us the college he is working on and building, so we went and looked at it and it made me SO HOME SICK!!!!! he had all these tools and just the smell of fresh cut 2 x 4`s made me wish I was home so bad!!!!! so i was like hey man you ever need help you got the best man right here. I would LOVE to help!!!! he was so happy! he was like oh service? and i was like heck yeah!!!! 

The sister that we taught last week with Papita is all good now!!! she commited to baptism!!!!! so hopefully it will be pretty soon!!!! 

Anyways, I love you all so very much and im sorry I don't have time or privalege to write you all personaly or else I would I promise!!!!!! I love you all so very much and thank you so much for all the support!!!! you are ALL in my prayers!!! 


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