Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So, this last week was a pretty life changing experience you could say I guess. Yesterday, our mission had a conference with Elder M. Russel Ballard and Elder Rasband. It was thee most wonderful, powerful and peaceful thing that has ever happened in my life! They talked about so many wonderful things that I wouldn't know where to start. But basically, how we can do the work better.  Everyone in the mission except those in the south, (Punta Arenas) got to meet him and shake his hand.  That was pretty great as well.  I haven't washed my hands since! Nah, just kidding. But I am so so glad that I am up in the north.  Because if I was still in Punta Arenas I wouldn't have been able to meet him! Anyways, the mission is great. There are no other words than that; "Just great." I love doing to work and now it has brought me so many blessings, life changing experiences and happiness in my life.  I can't change that out for nothing! 

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