Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sorry everyone I didn't email you all on Monday it's because I have been sick since Sunday and I'm still sicker than a dog...... but it's okay because Elder Holland said once in a talk that if we are ever faced with trials and difficulties that just means that the best is soon to come after! 

We have 5 investigators with a date to be baptized and about 3 of them are going to be baptized the 28 of this month!!!! so im pretty happy to finally be seeing some results. 

This Sunday was a little interesting... I presided, conducted and taught principles of the gospel class.... quite a day that was; and then imedietly after church I got sick! I think the lord blessed me and let the sickness sit out till I did the work that needed to be done. 

I found out that the chapel in Provenir where I am currently serving is the most southern chapel in the WORLD!!!!! which is pretty crazy. 

The weather here is starting to warm up and the days are going to a whole lot faster now with warmer weather! 

I feel so bad for Chris..... but knowing the plan of salvation, I know that what the lord has in store is so much better than what we can imagine! 

Tell the KUNZ's that I love them so much and that they are in my prayers!!!!! I know that Celeste is definitely in the Celestial Kingdom right now! The plan of salvation is truly a plan of happieness! 

I love hearing about the BYU upadates!!!! They make me so happy and I can't believe that Brandon Davies signed with my FAVORITE TEAM IN THE NBA!!!!! That is so freaking sick!!!! 

That's cool that Brock got his mission call! Tell him I said congrats and to start studying Preach my Gospel like crazy! It will bless him so much!!!!!! 

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