Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This last week was just wonderful!!!!! We have got many investigators that are progressing, and they are all doing so very good! I was a little worried from being sick that our sector would take a pretty big hit, but the Lord blessed us and protected us and everything was better than when we left it.  Even though we couldn't work for a week! This Saturday we have a baptism and I am so so so so so so super excited for it!
This last week was the national independence week and so there was lots of parties and crazy stuff. Because we are stuck on a little peaceful island nothing really big happened here except for the streets were like a ghost town!
Anyways, we ended up eating a ton of food and stuff during the week which probably wasn't the best for my stomach.  But it's all good!
No Mom, I didnt get your package yet. Most of the goverment buildings here have been on strike and so everything has been closed down. Including the mail service. And to top things off, I only get mail when I go into Punta Arenas... so about once a month.... So, I have no idea when I will get it.  But I will take a package anyday!!!! Thank you so very much mom! And will you tell Aubrey and Jefferson I am so sorry for forgetting to tell them Happy Birthday.

The time lately has just been flying by so very fast and I realized that Jake is gonna be coming out in the field here pretty soon!!!!! It's so crazy!!!! I hope they send him to Chile Osorno! Anyways, I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!! You have all been incredible examples in my life.  And I hope I can represent that example with all my heart, might, mind and strength!

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