Thursday, October 30, 2014

Monday October 13, 2014

This last week was great!!!! Saturday we have an baptismal interview for one of our investigators, so this Saturday we are going to have a baptism!!! My companion and I are super excited! He is a great kid and he is 18 years old! So a future missionary for sure! My companion and I created a sick program here in the mission and we are putting it to practice in our zone to see how it works.  Then we are going to send it to higher authority! All I can say though, is that I have to doubt it was inspired 100% by the Lord! Our sector is doing absolutely great! We have amazing investigators that are progressing so well! I've never seen so much success in my mission! I wouldn't really mind if I had to end the mission here! Last Friday we found a FAMILY!!!! And Saturday we had an appointment with them, which went really, really well! We found out that the grandma who lives in a different part of the mission is an active member of the church. Then we found out that the DAD is a member, but inactive obviously.  They are super receptive and the spirit was so strong!  I have never really had a family with kids and parents to teach in the mission and niether has my companion.  So we are so, so, so excited to teach them! Anyways, everything here is going absolutly wonderful! I love the work and the time I have to serve the lord everyday! I am learning so, so much!  The scriptures have never been so real to me in my life!  Everything is just wonderful!  I love the work! 

Thank you so much everybody for everything! I love you all! 

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