Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monday September 29, 2014

Well it's been a good week here in my sector. This last week was really cool becuase I got to hang out with my new buddy PRESIDENTE OBESO.  Hahaha, my new president. Nah, not really but this last week we had interviews in our chapel so we invited  the President to come with us to an appointment.  Then he invited my companion and I to lunch!  So we went to lunch and then we went to the appointment and it was a great experience! I learned some good stuff from him during the short time we got to be with him!  He is a great president!  Hahaha.  Also his wife is super, super funny!  The morning of the interviews she showed up in workout clothes and made all the elders take off their shoes.  She made us all do Zumba or something.  It was super funny, and it blew my mind.  She is over 70 years old, but she was more fit than any other elder in our zone.  The next morning I woke up so sore.  Hahaha, but I love them!  They are absolutely amazing people and so inspirational!  Our convert is doing great!  He is such a stud!  He is super smart and he shares the gospel with everyone!  He is super excited to get the priesthood when he is twelve!  Hahaha, I love him so much! I can't even believe how much success Jacob is having in his mission already!  He is going to have 3 baptisms next week?  I've only had a total of 5 in my whole mish!  That is super crazy!  But I congratulate you buddy! nice work! Keep it up! 

Anyways, thats all for the week! Thanks for everything family! I love you all a ton! 

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