Thursday, October 30, 2014

Monday October 20, 2014

Well this last week was Great! my companion and have have been sick all week but its only becuase satan was trying to stop the work from progressing. But he failed! So this last Saturday we had a baptism! He is a young man  that we have been teaching since I got here. It was absoutly wonderful.  The baptism was very, very powerful!  The spirit was super strong during the service. The family of the boy we baptized all attended his baptism, which was a miracle itself!  But they are all evangilists so it was wonderful to see them there and hopefully we can start to teach them the gospel, as well!  In total, we had 11 people attend the baptism that weren't members! That's another miracle! So the baptism was great! 

However, satan fought hard with us that day! Let me explain. First off, we got a phone call the night before from elders from a different sector asking us to come and do interviews for a convert.  But we had already had plans to go to a different sector, in the opposite direction, to do inspections on a house, that had to be done that day. And, in the afternoon we had an activity planned with a bunch of youth that we found that weren't members. So we had no possible way to do all the things we had to do, with the time we had for the day.  So we ended up having to do splits with other missionaries, to get everything we had to do accomplished.  Then when we went to lunch, there was an atheist waiting for us, who wanted to talk with us.  That stole a ton of time and so we got to the activity late.  Then, just our luck, when we went to start the water to fill up the baptismal font, the water heater was broken.  So I was tried to fix it for like 2 hours.  But, I couldn't do it.  So we had to fill the thing up with FREEZING COLD water!  Then nobody showed up on time.  So it started and hour late.  But in the end..... it was a wonderful baptism! And when I left the water, I'm not even joking.... I didnt feel any of the coldness. I felt so, so, so warm! It was amazing!  But it was a good fight for that baptism! 

Anyways, everything is going good here! Today we are going to find out cambios! I looks like my companion is probably going to get transferred!  I hope not!  Because we work so hard together.  But, whatever the Lord wants! 

Love you all thank you so much for your prayers!" 

-Elder Beals-

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