Thursday, October 30, 2014

Monday October 27, 2014

Well y'all my comp got transferred. Super sad. We were working super hard together.  But it's all good! I got a new companion from Washington.  This is his last cambio in the mission.  So you can all imagine how that might end. Nah, He's a good companion and I am excited to learn from him, and to get some new ideas! Every thing here is going wonderful! Our convert who got baptized last week just recieved the priesthood this last Sunday. It was an experience that was very, very special for me to see! I feel like he is one of my younger brothers here in the mission!  Today he is going to come out with us to work!  That is what is so great about the work of the Lord.  That a person can go from the point of the missionaries passing by to teach them the gospel one week, and then the next week that same person going out at teaching others the gospel, and helping them come unto our savior Jesus Christ! It just makes me love the work so much more!  Anyways, the time here has just been flying super fast. I can't even believe that Chris is now finishing up his mission!  I feel like just yesterday was his farewell! I remember how little time it was from when he went out, to when I went out.  But the time in the mission travels a whole lot faster.  I'm a little nervous. Hahaha.  Everything here in the mission is going really good! I have really been enjoying just about every moment!  Oh, and I've got some good news... on the 12th of November, Elder Viñas is going to come back to our mission!!!!!!   I'm super excited because he is coming with Elder Nelson!!!!  So that is super cool!  Anyways, everything is going great here! I love the people. I love the work. I love everything here! It's just wondeful! ....... 

Love you all, Thank you so much for all that you guys do and your prayers and you support! 

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