Monday, November 3, 2014

Alright I don't have a whole lot of time like always so I've got to be quick. This last week was super super slow.... I have had a cold for about three weeks now and it isn't getting any better at all.  So the nurse sent me to the clinic and I've been in the house for the last couple days because the doctor said I'm not getting any better because I work to hard and don't rest enough.  Hahahah fair enough. But now I've got a really bad cough like my companion had It doesn't really look like I'm getting any better.
This last Sunday our convert blessed the sacrament and I blessed it with him.  It was a super, and wonderful experience. I was super nervous for him become he gets a little nervous.  Which made me  kind of nervous. But he did a great job! He didn't mess up or anything.  So it was just wonderful!  It was just a wonderful experience for him and also the branch that we are in.  
This morning my companion and I have been running all over the north part of the mission looking for a missionary that ran away last night in our zone.  So right now I am absolutely tired to death. 
Anyways, besides that, everything here is going well!  The work is progressing. Thank you so much family and friends for all your love and support! I love you all! Thank you so so so very much! 

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