Monday, November 24, 2014

This last week has been a really really good week! My companion and I have been struggling to find new people. But this last week we found somebody!!!!! We found a guy that is adventist.  He has been so so prepared by the Lord to hear the gospel. I was on an exchange with another elder and we decided to go to a street just to knock doors ? So we go over to the street and we contacted a guy that was walking in the street who was really receptive and he told us that we can pass by and that his house was just down the street... so we went down the street to write down the address of the contact we had just made, and we decided to knock on the door of the house next to it... so we did that, and some guy answered and said... "What do you guys want?"  We said  'We are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ.  and he said "Oh the Mormons... come on in.  I want to know what you guys have got to say."  So we went in and shared a brief message about the apostasy and the restored church and everything, and he was really, really interested.  Then he told us... "I was just about to go to bed and go out and lock up my gate and my door and everything when I just had the thought that someone was going to come and knock on my door. So I decided to wait just a little bit and that's when you guys knocked on my door!"  How sweet is that! But it doesn't end there!!!  Yesterday we had another appointment with him. After we shared a message with him. he explained to us how he has been going through depression, becuase he is 52, never has been married, never has had kids, lives alone and just has a boring life.  He said that a neice of his asked him if he was part of any religion.  He said "Yeah, but I'm done with religion and don't really want anything more to do with it." and she said,  "Well, you should to look up about the Mormons.  Because if you do you will find some amazing things that will change your life." He had agreed and everything, but he thought, "I'm never going to look them up..." He explained to us that he thought "If it really is from God and if it really is as great as she says, they will come to me, but I'm not going to go and look for them!" Hahaha, and so we came!!!! So he has been reading the Book of Mormon.   He LOVES everything that we share with him! He is now preparing for baptism in December!!! So this week has been a really good one!  Today we have an appointment with the guy we contacted in the street who lives next door! So hopefully we will get another investigator there as well! Man the work is just great!!!! And everything is starting to go really, really, well here!!!! Anyways, I don't have much time for more stories but I love the work! I love the Lord! I love the gospel! and I love all you family and friends! see you all soooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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