Monday, November 10, 2014

Alright y'all I got my new slogan CTTE (commited to the end) I'm gonna make sure that I give it my everything these last five months of my mission.  So that I can stand before the Lord one day and tell him that I gave my all to the work of salvation! 

We have an investigator that we are working with that is super, super awesome! She is so, so, so, so ready to be baptized.  But the problem is that she is living with somebody and has been for like the past four years. They had a baby together and she has been wanting to marry him for a while. The problem is that he is already married to someone else. So, legally, they wouldn't be able to get married, making her unqualified for baptism! And to make it worse, this man is a drunk so he doesn't want anything to do with us.  And, he's not even willing to get a divorement from his old wife...but she is BY FAR!!!! thee best investigator I have EVER SEEN or HEARD ABOUT in the mission! It breaks my heart! 

Anyways these last couple of weeks have been kind of hard! We are trying to find new investigators. But things aren't coming together as well as we thought they would... So that is kind of hard.  But like I said I am going to give it my all everyday so that things do work out!
This Wednesday, we are going to be going down to Osorno to have a conference with Elder Nelson of the Quorum of the twelve apostles and Elder ViƱas of the 70, again! I am super excited and I hope we get some new ways to do the work and to be better missionaries!  So I am super excited for that opportunity!!!!!
The mission is just absolutely wonderful and amazing!  Everyday my understanding of the gospel and of my Savior Jesus Christ just grows so much!  Yesterday, I think I got my first glace of a real understanding of the sacrament as I was passing it.  I just got overwhelmed to realize what the sacrament really means!  Such a confirming experience!  I loved every moment!  I love the work!  I love all of you!  And, I love my Savior Jesus Christ!  Thank you so much for all that you guys do for me!  For you prayers and everything!

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