Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday October 6, 2014

I don't have like anytime at all this week, because I have had a ton of work to do! But I just want to let you all know that I am doing fantastic! Our zone and sector are progressing wonderfully! I absolutely loved conference! Wow, so inspirational! And it was super sick to see them speak in spanish directly from the pulpit! I absolutely loved it! Anyways, our investigators are progressing really well and we have been having lots of success. This next saturday we are going to be having another baptismal interview for our investigator that we have. And then next saturday he will get baptized!!! I'm super excited!!!! My companion and I are working super super hard!  We work super good together! Anyways, like I said I have very little time! but everything is going super great! Success and fortune are shining all the way!!!! Love you all! Thank you so much for everything! 

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