Monday, June 2, 2014

Well, this week was a good one. Because we had a baptism. And this guy is freakin crazy, but super sick and super intelligent. He knows a ton about the gospel and studies the scriptures so much, so it's super cool. I'm most happy about this baptism, because he is the first brother that I have baptized and he is now going to recieve the priesthood. I think here in the near future he will be called to be a leader of the ward. As of right now he wants to start a ward choir and do a ton of stuff with the ward which is super cool. He is super, super smart in the music side of things so we definitely get along well. Haha. I am extremely excited too because he is a potential Priesthood Holder. I am going to do everything so that he understands how wonderful, but also how important such an oportunity is to have the priesthood.

Anyways, hate to cut things short but I have to be obedient to the rules! I love you all! 

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