Monday, September 8, 2014

Well,,,,,,,, I have come to the end of another transfer here in the mission. This last one has passed by so, so, so, so freaking fast it is absolutly unreal!!!!! Now I only have 5 transfers left!!!!! Wow I can't even believe it! I never thought a day like this would even come in my mission or in my life. 

My companion and I will be staying together here for another transfer! I am so, so, so glad! Because we work so good together and we have so many plans for this next transfer! 

This last week has been a very successful week. We have some absolutely amazing investigators. They have been so, so, so prepared by the Lord. This coming Saturday we will have a baptismal interview for a boy that we have been teaching then the Saturday after that he will be getting baptized. On that same Saturday we will have a baptismal interview for another woman who will get baptized the Saturday after that! We are just having so much success! I have never seen the work move like this in Chile before, in any part! I am so, so excited! 

This last Saturday was daylight savings so we had to move time an hour forward. That has just brought me to my absolute physical limits. Yesterday, I fell asleep so fast! My goal to memorize 2 scriptures in Spanish everyday has gotten very hard. I can memorize the scriptures and have them word for word but then when we are in a lesson I can't remember where they are at in the scriptures.......  Hahahah. but I'm going to find out a way to better myself! 

Anyways, everything here in the mission is going really, really well! Lots of success. Lots of tiredness.  But in the end every moment is worth it! 


Cutting the cake with the president

Zone Picture

Mi Companero

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