Friday, September 19, 2014

Monday September 15, 2014

Well Family and Friends, this last week was a great week! My companion and I had to go to Osorno for a leadership conference with our Presidente and it was absolutely great!!!!!!!!................ until lunch. at first I was super excited becuase the presidents wife made us tacos.  But as I started to eat them I felt super sick........ Then we started walking to the bus station to return home and I just felt terrible.  We ended up going to the house of the missionaries that work in Osorno and I went DIRECTLY to the bathroom and then spent the next 8 hours throwing up.... I dont really know how much I like mexican food now......

However, I recovered fast and Saturday we were up and runnin our tails off like always.  Tuesday we had an interview for one of our canadites and he is going to get baptized next week!!!!!!  That is super cool!  My companion is going to be baptizing him!!!! We are super excited! This next week will be 18 of september which means the independence day of Chile!  Usually it is super crazy!  We will see what happens! 

Anyways, I'm short on time like always, but I love you all!  Thank you all so much for you support, love and prayers! 

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