Monday, January 26, 2015

Alright, I dont even know where to start. My branch is the bomb! The members here are just amazing!  So our mision president has a goal that every companionship can have 10 families bieng taught the lessons. Which is a very huge goal because I have barely taught even a family here in the mission.  So my companion and I have been thinking and trying to figure out what we can do here in our zone to acomplish that.  Wednesday we had a meeting with the district president.  Saturday we had a meeting with the branch president to simply ask and talk about what we can do better as missionaries to win the confidence of the members so that they can trust us by giving out references and introducing us to their friends and family.  They gave us a bunch of ideas and tips but what was crazy is what happened yesterday!  We went the branch council yesterday.  The councilor directing the meeting said that we need to help the missionaries get 10 families in each companionship.  Then he asked what they need to do to help us missionaries achive that goal.  They all started talking and everything and then they came up with the idea to have a branch fast and fast that every person can think of somebody and then give that person to the missionaries and that every member should give a refference monthly!  They all talked about it and everyone was super excited!  Then in church they talked about it and in the classes and everyone is super excited! I am super excited!  It is an absolute miracle!  So this next Sunday we are going to have the fast and we are going to see what happens! But this place is just so great!  There is nothing more satisfying then to see members want to work so hard in the vineyard!  Anyways, things here are just wonderful. Still showering with ice cold water that just about puts me in shock every time I wash my back.  But the work here is just great. I love you all so so so very much! I am praying for you all!  Thanks for all you support and love! And prayers!

Elder Beals.   -- 

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