Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday December 22, 2014

Another great week has passes in the mission. my companion and I spent just about everyday knocking doors this week. But I had some good experiences. 
Just yesterday a member talked with us about a boy who we had visited last week to give a blessing, becuase he was sick.... so get this. 

Last week a member came and talked to us about this kid who has been in a whole bunch of different hospitals here and has gone through a bunch of different treatments.  He has some sort of sickness that the doctors do not know what it was.  It is very sad and very hard on his family.  so the people here  started raising money so that he could go up to Santiago and get more treatments.  The member of the church got in contact with the family.  They told them that the missionaries could come over and give him a blessing.  So, we willingly  accepted to do so. (noting that the family aren't members)  We went over to the house and saw the boy.  It was super sad.  He had the absolutely saddest face.  He just had no desire to do anything whatsoever.  We tried talking to him a little bit to try to make him a little more happy... but nothing.  He said he had no idea what he was going to do with his life and he didn't care to be with friends or nothing.  It was super sad.  He also hadn't eaten anything for a really long time becuase he just refused to.  He couldnt walk or anything.  He just layed in bed all day.  So we explained to him and his family about blessings and asked him if he wanted one, and he did. So we gave him one.  Then YESTERDAY, the member told us that she had heard that he was doing  better so we went by to see him and HE answered the door when we knocked! 
It was crazy!  He was super happy to see us and we asked him "how are you doing?"  He said he felt all better and that everything was all good!  It was incredible and amazing! I have no idea what sickness he had.  Neither did any other doctor! BUT, the Lord knew! and the Lord blessed him!  it was such a great experience!  Today we have an appointment with that family to go over and teach them tonight! 

This last week I have been learning just a ton of new stuff.  The Lord has been blessing me so so much lately! I am so greatful for him!  I'm working the best I can and giving all that I have! 
I love you so much family and friends! Thanks for all your prayers!  ­
Elder Beals­

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