Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday January 12, 2015

Well the biggest news for the week would be that I am getting TRANSFERED. I am honestly super excited becuase change is always good.  I will be going to a place called Coyhaique. It is down South.  So it's cold down there.  But it will be nice to end down there.  Not too hot like up here. 

This last week we had interviews with our mission president which was awesome, like always. He is so smart. He taught me so much in the little time which we had together.  But he really helped me learn some new tricks to the work and be a more successful missionary.  He told me that I wasn't called to teach the gospel to EVERYBODY. but to the chosen people.  He told me NOT to just contact everyone in the street but to only contact those that the spirit tells me to contact.  I started to apply it, and wow.  It is a talent and it does work. I am trying to learn the gospel so much better and it's basic principles. 

This next week I have set some goals; to study all of the preach my gospel lessons, apply them to myself, and do all of the commitments that we make out to investigators.  So that I can have a stronger testimony of the gospel principles. I am super excited. 

Everything here is going good. I'm sad to leave. but happy and relieved at the same time. I love the people here in Lanco.  They are wonderful people and they will be missed.  But eveything here is in good hands. 

Anyways, I dont have much time to keep writing! I love you all!  Thanks for all the support! 

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