Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday December 29, 2014

Well this last week was a good one. It was nice to talk to you family! I miss you all so so so very much! I love you all!  Sorry we lost connection. The internet died right in that moment because I'm in chile and thats what happens to the internet here. I wanted to talk to Jacob so bad! 
Anyways, it was a slow week. We spent two days just visiting members, so the days went by kind of slow but it was fun!  We ate so, so, so much meat.  It was good to spend a little time with the members and get to know them better.  We are still trying to focus on finding new people but it has been a little difficult.  I don't know what it is but it has just been super hard to find people lately. I think it's likely I am in for a transfer.  I have been here for a long time and it is always nice to go to a new place and get a new fresh start on things.  So we will see what happens here in a couple of weeks.  I have been trying to do everything I can to get into some good habits before I go home from the mission and I have really seen a difference. It's so nice to be in the mission to be able to do things like that. I have really gotten closer to the Lord.  Anyways, everything is going good here! I love you all so so very much! Please take care! 

-Elder Beals-

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