Monday, January 27, 2014

Alright this week was super good. My companion and me worked super hard, and it is starting to pay off. I am so grateful! We have been teaching lots of great people and they are progressing really good. The week before last week I was on a companion exchange with another missionary. We found a huge house with an American flag (It sparked a little love and pride for my country) So of course we had to go find out who lived in the house. We found this lady who said we could come by the next week. So last monday we passed by and I met this guy that is super, super cool. He's half American half Chilean. He speaks english and uses $100 bills to make a fire because he is fithy rich....Hahaha!!  But he is so cool and he wants us to keep coming by! Also we have and investiagator that wants to be our mamita which would be really good becuase that means we can pass by her house everyday and share a message with her if see ends up being it! She is awesome! 

right now we are in week 5 of this transfer and transfers are going to be in one more week so we will see what happens but everything is good here in Chile! working hard! Thank you so much family and friends for all you love and support! 
bueno bueno ! pero tengo poquito tiempo hoy día y tengo que salir ahora! pero te amo mucho! 

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