Monday, January 27, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hola todo mí familia y amigos como estas? 
I hope everyone liked the video becuase this week I had no time to make one. But this last week has been super, super good! My companion and I have been working so, so very hard it's so great! This week I have seen so, so many miracles it is unbelievable! This last week we contacted a woman in the street and she said that we could pass by on Sunday. So we passed by, and we learned that they have just moved here to Valdivia and that they are very religious. We taught them the restoration and invited them to be baptized and they were so excited. They both acepted and before we could invite them to church on Sunday they asked us when we meet and they said they will for sure be there! I am so glad we made that first contact! I can definetly see that The Lord puts those in our way who are are prepared!  We also contacted a girl who is probably 22-23 years. At first she felt embarrased to talk to us. But in the end she had so many questions that we were able to answer. We also taught her the restoration, and she was blown away! I have have about 3 other stories of miracles that happened this last week solely through contacts! Unfortunately I no time to type all of the stories! All I know is that The Lord is so, so very watchfull of every single one of his children and that if we are doing all that we can do he will always bless us. Sometimes it's hard to see those blessings in our lives and sometimes we aren't seeing them becuase we arent doing the things to receive them. Like I said earlier, that the lord puts in our way those who are prepared. But it is also the same with the blessings in life. Really all the blessings are there to for us to take.and all of these people that are ready to hear the gospel. The Lord is going to provide opportunities for us to pass by them in the street. BUT, if we never talk to those people we are rejecting people The Lord has put in our way to teach. Or in life if we don't go out and do our part to get those blessings we are simply rejecting all that God has to offer! Bueno, that is my notes for the week. Family, I am so so very grateful for this time which I have had to serve the lord up until now. I know that really it is the only way to true happiness in this life. To do all that The Lord commands. The scriptures say that if we do what The Lord commands that He will bless us 10 times more than what we have done. Honestly I don't think there is a better offer. I don't think that there is another option. We have been given so much and he will continue to bless us as we do his will. I hope all that read this that are considering serving a mission, that you make the choice and do it. It will truly bless your life forever. Thank you so much friends and family! I love you all so so very much!

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