Monday, November 4, 2013

This last week has been hard I wont lie. I dont know how many times I can say the people here just dont get it. However, it was a good week as well. Time is just going by faster and faster everyday. Friday we did some service for a lady who had told us that she needed help organizing some stuff.  However, when we got there she gave us two hoes and we HAND TILLED a garden fulll of grass as big as our backyard!!!!! Now I am so, so sore from not having worked like that in so long! One thing that I definetly have come to realize in the mission is that the worst always comes before the good. And satan is always there to try and get us to turn back. The best way to make it through these trials is to have a plan before hand, and to stick with it to the end. Which has also helped me learn the importance of doing everything with a meaningul purpose!!!!!! Wow the mission is just so so incredible and I am learning so, so much!!!!
I love you all so very much!!!! Estoy muy agradecido por sus oraciones para mi durante este tiempo en mi vida, tambien or su amor y apoyo. Sin la ayuda de cada uno de ustedes, la mision seria muy dificil. Cada dia doy gracias a dios por cada amigo, miembro de mi familia y todos otros personas que son bendiciones en mi vida. les amo muchisimo y siempre estoy listo para ayudarles en caulquier manera que es posible! gracias por todos cosas que me dan.
If you cant understand this then you will have to throw it into google transate or something!!!

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