Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder Jones's previous companion, Elder Jones, Elder Werner and Elder Beals

Elder Beals & Elder Jones they are as far south as South America goes.

A lot of dogs.

These last couple weeks have been a real test of patience and it has worked so good!
Hahaha, but the work is going good. This might be my last week here in PorVenir because we have transfers this next week.  We will see!  My companion and I have been trying to work really hard and get everything ready before the transfers so that the next missonaries in here can keep up all the stuff we have been doing.
One of my greatest joys in the field is honestly seeing the people live righteously and then see the blessings that come from it. It's so easy to see in the mission the difference between the happiness and the success of the people when they are doing all that the Lord asks them to do verses when they are doing what they want to do. It has definitely been a blessing to be able to see this. Because now I know for a fact that living the gospel is so much better than not.
This last week I decided I would man up and play the organ in church so I practiced all week and I did it! and it was so much better than not having it. 
This last week we also had a wedding of a member and an investigator that we are teaching! But wow, I'm telling you, it was so weird to be part of such a wedding. I could definitely see how off the world was and how worldly the world is (if that makes sense.)  The wedding was really nice... However, no matter how nice the wedding is nothing was more sad then for the person to say "Till death do you part."  What a blessing it is that we have the opportunity to be married in the temple and live together forever!!!!
This last week I have truly had the opportunity to see the difference in a group of people that have the gospel and a group that doesn't, side by side, and the truth is that there is no greater happiness than in the gospel, nor can it be found anywhere else with anything else. The only way to have FULL, COMPLETE and TOTAL happiness is through living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so greatful and you and I are so blessed to have that gospel in our lives!!!! To be able to wake up every morning with a peaceful feeling that you are doing what is right no matter how hard life gets. THAT IS A BLESSING! I think we are can make a better and more willing effort to share this blessing and this happiness with EVERYONE!!!! because that is truly what will make this world a better place.
Dear Family, I love you all so very much. I am so very greatful for your prayers and your support.
CON AMOR; Elder Beals.

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