Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Family,
This week was a good week, but also kinda sad at the same time. I am getting transferred to Puerto Varas tomorrow! It's in the north! It was sad to have to say goodbye to lot of people again. But it wasn't too bad this second time. The progresion of this place has been amazing. The peole have changed so much.  That is what makes me most happy! The the time here has gone by so extememly fast!!!!  I can't even believe it.
Everyone here says Puerto Varas is the preetiest part of the mission so I'm pretty excited because down in the south is really brown and I have been dying to see some GREEN!!!
What I've learned form this last sector is patience and persistency.  Which is very hard.  I learned that I'm on The Lords time and his errand, not mine.  Life truly is better that way anyways. But I've also learned that people require consistant, patient assistant in order to progress. Also, that the key to helping people change is by inviting them to do so.  Nobody is going to become a member of the chuch unless invited.  Nobody is going to repent unless told to do so!  So never be nervous to invite friends and family to change!!!!!
Anyways, thank you so much family for all the love and support!!! Love you all very very much!!!

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