Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Well, Well, Well, this last week has been a little crazy. My companion hasn't arrived in the mission yet and actually is not coming. So here in my sector I am stuck with a member 24/7. Which has been very, very challenging. I think I got a little taste of what it was like for my trainer when I first started the mission and he had to do everything because I couldn't speak of lick of spanish. But we have had a good week. I've worked as hard as I could this last week and in the end everything turned out good. We had a good amount of lessons. actually the most amount of lessons that I have had since I have been in this sector. I believe it was a tender mercy from The Lord. I'm extremely happy.  Everything in the mission has been going really good. The Church has come out with a new program here to keep track of members and we started it this last week. It is awesome. It works so, so good. We have found a lot of people this last week! The work is progressing. Our baptism that we were preparing for, fell through. But it's all good.  This last week I felt I have been more in tune with the spirit than any other week of the mission.  It came purely from planning things out better than I was doing before.  I want to thank my family for the letters and emails that they send me and sorry if I don't respond.  It's solely that I don't have time to write everyone! But I do love you all. I pray for you all as well! Thank you so much for your love, support. as well as your prayers! They are felt! I am greatful for this gospel, for my Savior and for every blessing that follows that. =)

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