Monday, March 3, 2014

So this week we have an investigator that has been trying and trying to quit smoking for almost 2 months now, and just has not been able to give it up! So the Monday before last week we had a lesson with him and just talked about prayer. We taught how to give a good, meaningful prayer; how to talk with the lord, how to repent and how to recieve strength to overcome temptation through prayer. So he told us he would start doing it. At that moment he gave the closing prayer and it was thee most humble prayer I have ever heard anyone give! Ever! He prayed for strength and he repented. It just brought tears to my eyes! At the time he was smoking 20 cigars everyday!!!!! Saturday we visited him to see how he was doing. He told us that he was praying and everything and that now he was smoking only 4 cigars everyday! In just 6 days he went from 20 to 4!!!! So we talked about fasting and taught him how to fast and everything. He said he would do it! On Tuesday we visited him, and we were expecting that he was still smoking and everything. We asked him "So, how are you doing with the cigars?" And he said  "Well, I haven't smoked since Sunday." I thought I didn't hear him right or I misunderstood what he said. So I said "What???"  And he said "Yeah, I stopped smoking!" I was so dumbstruck and so happy that I just jumped right out of my chair and said "Are you serious!? GIVE ME A HUG!!!!!" So he got up and gave me a hug.  It just felt so good inside to know that we are truly helping God´s children make it back to His kingdom and that although this guy has got almost 50 years on me, he is still a child of God with a purpose to make it back into His presence. That's the gospel for ya!. So now he has finally given it up and he is going to get baptized here pretty soon now!!!!! Which is super cool! But for the most part this week has been really slow because my companion was sick and so we had to stay in the house for a couple of days but everything is going really good here! And man the time is just flying so so so so so so so so fast it is unreal!!

Anyways, love you all family! Thank you so much for all that you do and all of your support! 

One bit of advice: Watch for the miracles. They really are happening all around us. :)

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