Monday, April 7, 2014

ALRIGHT, everyone, where to start? where to start?

This week has been a great, great and wonderful, wonderful week. I absolutly have come to love conference so much on my mission it is unreal! Every word is so satisfying. I just don't know how to really describe it! But it's great. I learned some really important things, which I am now going to apply in my life and also here in the mission. But I also hope that everyone reading this will make some goals and do the same!

So these last couple of weeks we have been working miracles among the members in our ward. We have some great people returning back to the church..... including, a family here that I have been trying to activate for a while. They were baptized by my seminary teacher.  He served here more than 28 years ago!!!! They have come to church for the past two sundays. 

I would like to thank my wondeful family for the package which I received! It was indeed wonderful! I absolutly loved the picture flip book of everyone! That is sick and I'm going to keep it forever! 

Anyways, everything here is going good in the mission. It has been full of wonderful challenges, experiences and good times!  Actually one year from today I will be heading home from the mission! Wow! That is crazy! Time is flying! But that just means the time is closer to meeting our creator! 

 Calle-Calle Rivera

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