Monday, December 9, 2013

So, this last week was a lot better than the week before but still working hard! The big news for this week is that my sector just doubled and I got another companion! So now I have 2 other companions! Crazy crazy stuff! This kid wants to work. He is from mexico and he reminds me exactly of Josh Flygare!!!! But mexican!!! Hahaha! He is such a funny kid and he is always playing voicemale christmas music! It helps me feel like I'm at home to hear Mike Bearden singing christmas music!!!! I am so sad I don't get to see christmas, it's pure HEAT here right now! doesn't feel a thing like christmas! 
Hopefully this next month we can have a few baptisms. I feel like we will becuase the sector is huge and there is so much potential here!!!!! That is so cool that L TOM PERRY is coming to your stake conference!!!!!! OH SO SO SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!! I wish I was there!!!! We are going to have a conference Tuesday, and last Sunday they anounced an apostle is coming to our mission next year! Like in march or something!  I might get to meet him! I hope so!!!! That would be so cool! 
Anyways, sorry family and friends that my letters get shorter and shorter!  But I love you all so very much and I am so greatful for your support and love!!!! Thank you for all the prayers! They are well needed!!!!!! 

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