Monday, October 21, 2013

So this last week has been so, so, so crazy! we have been doing lots and lots of walking recently and less and less teaching. Satan has been trying to do any and every thing in the world to stop us from working because this place has turned into a literal gold mine! My companion and I have been whippin out the spirit left and right on people here and they are progressing so well! We have a family that we are teaching and they FINALLY accepted a baptismal date for the 16th of Nov!!! They are so excited and so am I! However, we found out that the reason she didn't want to get baptized and still kind of doesn't is because she is TERRIFIED OF WATER!!!!! she had a bad experince when she was little and is now scared, like literally so scared to get into water! But she is going do it!
My companion and I started a temple program here and it is going so, so great! The plan is to help every person go to the temple in 2014. And it is so wonderful to see how happy the families' are for it! We had our first ¨Family plan to go to the temple" I guess you would call it, this week, and it was so awesome and so powerful!
Next month we are going to have 4 baptisms and I am so, so, so excited! I hope I dont get transfered out of here before then! Because the people here are so so wonderful!

This is kind of our program with the members! we have a family home evening, they decide on a date, make some goals and a whole lot of other stuff goes into it as to when! So happy though, for this family!

How is jacob and preparing for his mission? I hope he gets called to OSORNO!!!! it is so sick here! It said in my patriarchal blessing that I will find joy in seeing my converts go forth and live the gospel! It is so true. That is certainly what makes me so, so, very happy! I think I am fluent now too, by the way! I hope you learn spanish so I can talk with you guys in spanish after the mission and perhaps during the mission!

Right now we have 3 brand new investigators who are taking lessons as of last night. Because they heard that I can play the piano.  So they wanted us to come over! So amazing!!!! Although I think I forgot how to play the piano.

Thank you so much family for you love and your support! I love you all so so very much! Thank you for your prayers!

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