Monday, June 17, 2013

Well this week has been really crazy! I´ve never been so tired in my life! the weather is getting a little bit colder here becuase of the snow and winds but all is well! My spanish is really coming along but I wish so bad I could speak it already! The missionaries before us destroyed the sector as in "never worked" so there is so much work to do and there are SO many inactive memebers! The previous bishop is inactive. but we are working way hard to motivate the members we have now to help us in the work!
Sorry Dad I forgot to say Happy Fathers Day.... so..... HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!! I love you so so much! you have been such an amazing influence in my life and you have truly helped me become the person I am today to be here in Chile serving the Lord! I am so greatful and so proud to be able to tell people that you are my Father! I love you so much!
last night was a little crazy! the firemen in chile are completly voluteers and last night a house caught on fire when we where right next to it! so we have to help the firemen unrole the hose! crazy crazy! they were extremely slow.... and luckly i had my huge leather coat on, so i told them that if they needed me to run i would be willing to do so! hahahahah! no but it was crazy!
we found a golden golden investigator! we were knocking doors and tons of people were just slammin doors on us and right before the day was over and all our confidence was lost a lady answered the door with a sad face and then she looked up at us and had the BIGGGEST smile!!!! she said that she had met with the missionaries 20 years ago and had lost contact with them and that she wanted us to come over and share with her! she was so excited to see us! 
the standard of excelence here is one baptism per month! It is a promise from the Lord and im gonna do it! if not more!!!!!
thank you so much family for your love and support I really wish I could write more but I have very little time!
Strive to live the gospel to the fullest!!!!!! I promise you the Lord will poor blessings! I´ve learned that the greater our faith the thinner the vail!!!!! crazy to think or hear that but its true!!!!! HAVE FAITH!!!! TRUST THE LORD!!!!! LOVE AND SERVE EVERYONE!!!!!
sorry if I cant spell or speak proper english! Ive been trying to learn spanish so much that I am caught in between not being able to speak spanish and english!

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