Monday, March 2, 2015

This last week has been really really good!  We are working hard in our new sector and knocking a ton of doors!!!! but it's all good because we are finding some people! I have learned a lot in this little time since we have gotten here! We have a really really good branch, the members here are really great!  They have helped us out a lot!  Our ward mission leader is an awesome guy! He just got home from the mission so he actually knows what's going down. More than anything we have really just been focusing on finding new people, knocking doors and talking to everyone. But it is working out good. This branch has over 1500 members and only about 50 are active so we printed out a list of all the members and their adresses in the church system.  We also got a list of the members and the addresses that they have registed with the government. Hahaha so they got no where to hide! We are also finding a ton of members! My goal here is to just fill up the chapel one Sunday! Anyways, lots of work to do! I see a bright future for this new sector! 

Thank you family and friends for all of your love and support and prayers, I love you all! 

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